Troy Sowers

I guess they’re getting along quite nicely.
#fordraptor #mclaren12c #siblings #sundayfunday




I have a 13 raptor that's gone stock minus a leveling kit it has the graphics though


Perfect garage. Currently looking for an MR2 turbo to pair with my f150 flareside. Then upgrade to Jeep JT and lotus , then Raptor/mclaren 🤞


PPF for the raptor? Or not worth it?


Just wanna say congrats and thanks for high quality content. It is definitely appreciated and refreshing to watch!


Looking good Troy !


Is 🐼 slightly off-white? Or is that just lighting in the picture playing tricks on me


Sweet! 😁


Looks like a lot less room for activities now...


Hows the gen1 raptor been treating ya? Considering picking one up myself


Looking forward to the detail video on the Raptor @troysowers


holy shit theres more room in there then i pictured. i was imagining 2 cars parked on the line in the walmart parking lot next to eachother and you have to do the ooze out of the door move to get out. lol


Did you sell the G37?


iT nEeDs An ExHaUsT 😂


Getting alone


I do like how you got both cars black and white. That's pretty cool.


They are so alone

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