The #Silverado takes exploring the great outdoors to new heights.




Just change the design please


Love the new design I really do, but y'all really skimped out with the interior. It is awful. What the hell yall doing over there?


Very Nice! πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ»




me encanta la nueva chevy silverado


Been a Chevy man all my life and will continue to be so. Would love to get a new truck. It’s just to bad it’s cheaper to buy an import then it is buying domestic. Average people can’t afford to get one. To expensive.


Truck enthusiasts: We want the square body back!

Chevy: how about this 2008 Tundra look..




#ChevroletMente Acabei de cancelar o meu financiamento, pois fui enganado pela atendente, que afirmou que eu receberia o bem em 45 reais apΓ³s o pagamento da primeira parcela e isso estava incluso no contrato que eu assinei. 45 DIAS PARA A ENTREGA DO BEM. Fiz a denuncia na Delegacia do Consumidor e entreguei a cΓ³pia do contrato com a oferta. Estou completamente decepcionado com a Chevrolet e com a forma que usaram de mΓ‘ fΓ©, propaganda enganosa, para conseguir com que eu fizesse o financiamento. NΓ£o confiem na empresa, pois volta a afirmar a #ChevroletMente


Okay so I'm really asking as a Ford fan out of the kindness of my everyone on the design team okay??


People that like ford would like this truck


Nothing like the smell of puke outdoors because that's what happens whenever this goes somewhere


When y’all go add rear window be able to go down/up??


This is the ugliest vehicle ever produced. Sorry not sorry


Never thought I'd see the day where Toyota makes more of a manly truck looking truck than chevy... fire your design crew immediately.


What happened to the square body

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