Makes a great first impression, doesn't it? #SilveradoHD




Used to love the Silverado but now I think I’m going to Ford...


I have been a Chevy guy my whole life and this is the worst looking truck they have ever made 😭


I would rather have that than a cummins or power stroke @chevrolet what made you change it??


The Ford F-150 is better


This truck would be great for the junk yard 😂


🤮Offta! You’ve managed to designed yourself right out of sales with this one.


Why don't yall go back to squarebody.


I just vomited


Tf is this


I can grow to like the new front end but the mirrors and bedside step make my brain bleed




Check out my ride!!! 😮


I made a good first impression on my first wife, but she was bout 10 beers in..


So disappointed


Not really. Made it look relatively like the Ford F-150. Especially the 1500


I hate it I’d rather be caught driving a junk yard with the wheels falling off than drive that


Bring back the el Camino

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