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Rediscovering ~ focusing on parts of myself that I’ve neglected. My practice used to be my main focus, but after having Luca, he became the center of my world ✨ as he grows and develops independence ~ I’ve come to find that space for myself as well 🌼Motherhood is constant change, growth, expansion. Always learning, always becoming ❣️new beginnings • new ways of being • blooming from within 🦋

2,675 Colorado



So true 🙏🏻 In a new universe feeling so powerful ✨




Do you just love Colorado?✨


Beautiful 💜


Perfectly expressed 🙏🏻💞⭐️


@otekah_ Lovely lady 💛✨💛


So true, after having Lani I have done the exact same thing! Riding the motherhood wave and soaking up the new, fresh and exciting 🙏🧡✨




I feel this! ✨

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