The #boobtruth can’t be censored. Colourful language ahead. @allymaz, lululemon global yoga ambassador and founder of @girlvanayoga, questions why boobs “mean” what they mean and talks period boobs. Anyone else feel the period boob pain?

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@mrssozoeng read the caption 👯


I loved this 😂


@ha_teoh your mimi so big maybe you should try this !


Love all these brave women sharing their stories so honestly. It’s inspiring!! 😉


Speak the truth girl! Love this! Especially about society and self love.


Omg I love u @allymaz


This whole series really impacted my perspective on life I didn’t know I needed to see this but I’m so glad I did!!!


extremely disappointed in the quality of my most recent aligns that i’ve had for 3 months and the seams are already coming out. even more disappointed in the awful customer service that deemed this flaw “normal wear and tear”. after THREE MONTHS? no way.


Hey what are these legging called and what is the colour name kindly ?


@allymaz you’re awesome! 😉


Absolutely love this series! Thank you for all the frank discussion, humour and self-love!💗💗


I want to be the inaugural interview for “Friday’s Nuts”! My wife is an @lululemon training ambassador and I have been a customer and huge supporter since your company started selling in the US. Some of my favorite products your team has discontinued but I think @lululemonmen and the fellas can discuss how to manage our “junk” and win with a series for the guys! We need compartment space, the right fabric/materials, and honest dialogue of your products helping men achieve their fitness/health goals. Will you support that idea @lululemon @lululemonmen ? @lmonachino


So. Much. Yes.


Not only is she smart, kind and fun but she is the realest and that is what makes her so relatable @allymaz it simply doesn’t get better 😘


Let’s talk about BREASTFEEDING! It is literally the only reason women have boobs


Oops that was supposed to be a 😘 at the end!


@lululemon I would love some nursing friendly bras! I currently pull my breast out the top of the energy bras but it only works if they’re the perfect amount of stretched out. Help a mama out! 😉


@shannonmdoherty @morganehuber @kdziuk89 @finleyk89 You wear it for you! Watch the entire video, not just the post snip


Watched the rest of it! Smack Smack Smack Smack. OMGoodness. I love it!


She is a upgraded version of me 😜😜😜❤️ @mahalshadow

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