Troy Sowers

A throwback of my first exotic, and the first shot @bentroxell ever did for me.

#gallardo #tbt #v10 #lambo #verdeithaca




The Gallardo is a fine modern supercar. Maybe someday I will get one next to my beloved toys.


This> the 12c


What an amazing car


I still like your 12C better ❤️


How many miles did You end up putting on that car


Way sicker then anything floating around Hershey now... Sorry but true


Looking good!! Keep it up! 📸🔥


was is manual?


Have you experienced any quality issues with your McLaren? I wonder because being the first mainstream or mass produced McLaren I’ve seen them end up with catastrophic engine failure, transmission failure, electrical issues, fires, things of that nature. I’m also a recent follower so you nay have said something about this in the past and I haven’t caught up to it yet.


Green Beast.


This green lambo does look better than the McLaren


Ever think about getting back into a Lamborghini?


Such a good looking car! @troysowers


One of the best cars out there

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