Warhol's children III - Bubble jump

Warhol's children III - Bubble jump



@beeoom : Thank you VERY Much ;) ☆




Fantastic shot! Great capture. 


@murcielaguillo : Merci!!! ☆☆☆


@kainxs : Thanks a lot ! ... I just want to say that for this kind of photos, You have to take several ones, quickly (like a burst mode) to find the right one, the right timing, and with the higher definition on "Hipstamatic"(1936x1936), the developing is really long! Not more than 8 or 9 pictures series and that's all! After that, you have to wait long minutes before shooting again! ... And the child is gone!! (With the low def, you can shoot much more Because The developing time is shorter) ... Ultimately, the definition is crucial, (Thanks Millo ;) @mifjuz )☆


Wow!! Love the color!! Burst mode?? I don't understand!!


@spybou : De même cher Ami ;) ☆


Bonne soirée Christophe!!! 


@mifjuz : Thanks a lot! ... A little More difficult the "burst mode" with "Hipsta" HD ;))) ... but possible :) ☆


Wow! Fantastique!!


@fantomette : Merci Mille Fois! :) ♪


 c'est si beau !

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