You know why I love the senior dogs at @muttville so much? They're pro cuddlers. Adopt one home today so you can have all the cozy pup snuggles during this holiday season & more. Find out more on @paypal's donation page: #paypalit




@alina__malina5 они классные 😍


@rebecca_freitag omg dying 😍😍😍


@seniorcorel vos y negrrito dog! <3 :-)


@sopeaches Okkioni del vekkiotto 😢


@matias_asuarez tu perrito y el mío. Buenas noches ❤️🐶🐶❤️


Não tinha chegado até essa foto ainda @rejportela , mas sim... É igual ao Zakkinho na verdade... ❤️


@portelarosana @heytchel olhem cimo esse labrador se parece com os negões!


There's nothing better than adopting a senior dog!! 👍👍👍👏👏👏


Hey! We’re launching a new dog goodies box and want to send you one! Would love to see your pooch with our box in a post. Please email if interested in getting a free one!


Beautiful puppies


I love them!


I want them both!!! @gayle_q


Cute dogs.

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