Cat cafe Cateriam
Diner time

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@beaubilham you hungry bro?


@yl_milk 少侠好身手


@mabo233 留意最后一个兜


@lazykat40aolcom check this page out. 😉


@kohtoolie my home in a year


@khaledgram a5eeeeh eskkkt 3ndi 15 ga6wa now 😢😭


@ydpanda oh so cute! But the last cat at the end scared me! Lol.


@popemaroto este puede ser un buen sitio para ir...a ver qué te parece


@abominable_me I hate you lol and your cat cafe


@shahadalrooh143 ما عزمو قطاوتج


@k_thx This one is in Tokyo!!!


@ringoslover Yes. And yes.


@k_thx Request: can you please go to a cat cafe when you are in Nippon?

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