He is a great stray cats Photographer.





@d_goldz hahah this made my morning 💕


Thhe 2nd cat is on heat lol


HAHAHAH creepy you @hannahway22


oh my lol




This looks like a cat porn site 😂


Hahahahahahahaha my stomach hurts fuck I love cats @graceratopss


@shan_isobelle thought you would like this array of cat bums *




@telisegalanis we are just going to go ahead and ignore bottom left?


is it just me or is all of this funny ahahhahaha esp bottom left @zoeyloftus


Straycat dia org gemok2 ama! @aqmaroholic


jajajajaja si, igualito! @soy_tatai


...kitty p*rn


@lanawelsh hahahhahahaha oh my gosh!


Jajajajajaja, la Katia! @clauhuete


jajajajaja mirá la del centro de la fila de arriba, @soy_tatai


He must like kitty balls


Is it supposed to be all cat ass?


@jarmuske new cat to follow


Thanks! Followed XD


looks like it's supposed to be an Instagram of cat bums

The end of the page