My favourite breed, along with the Norwegian Forrest cats and the "ordinary" street cats! Good to see your feed again!


A copy of my cat home in Sweden😍




This cat, @marymargie . A fine 'Coon.


Aqua, please!


So beautiful


Aww! Very lovely!<3


@wa_sabi thank you! I'm looking to take more pictures of my kitty as well and your pictures are an inspiration! 😊😊😊


Mi segui? Ricambio ♥ scusa lo spam


Красивая кошка @natalechek_la


@manulito24816enz Hamster wanneer hij 100% Main Coon zou zijn geweest.


@dompedropaiva mistura de nina com margarida 😍


@tee2n this taken pentax dslr and sigma lens



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