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I really loved taking this photo and watching these birds fly. They remind me of our amazing Country. We need to come together as a Nation, now more than ever.


Every time you drink water from #PLASTIC, the water dissolves but the #PLASTIC lives #FOREVER. PLEASE get a reusable water bottle and you alone can make a HUGE difference. America alone buys 43 billion dollars worth of bottled water. The oil and water used alone to make the bottle of water is a huge waste. Just one person who switches to reusable bottles can make such a massively positive impact on our oceans and planet. If everyone does their part We can start to avoid the iceberg and try and not sink the ship. #UseReusableBottle

Indian Ocean

The FUTURE of our OCEANS are in your hands kids. I pray you can fix the mess we are leaving in your hands. Trust me when I say this, if you explore the oceans and their creatures you'll 💙 it all! If you ❤️ IT, then you'll have NO choice but to protect it!

The Big 5 False Bay

I don't think it's hit me yet I'm leaving for the Galapagos in a couple days. That is where the journey began for me 10 years ago. I went down there so naive and learned things that are happening to our planet that blew me away. I've never been the same since. I'm so thrilled to go back as it is the best place to dive in the World hands down. Scientist we are joining up with are so jazzed to go document this amazing bird that has never been filmed and was just discovered that does something so freaking cool, I can't tell you but I'll show you here in a couple weeks. 2 weeks at sea here we come. #RSAVR #IWCDIVER #ChangeYourPerception

Galapagos Islands

It's the weekend people, go get your DANCE on and have the DJ throw in some disco and shake that #$$.......


10+ years ago when we were still seeing BIG WHITE SHARKS and regulations on cages wasn't what it is today.


I'm a feeling this Friday like Tim Armstrong from Rancid I took maybe 22 years ago. This one is for you Huberman. Pretty amazing to me what music genius's listen to, and why you never judge a book by its cover.

Oakland, California

Thank you everyone who came out and supported our sold out show last night. Portion of all sales goes to @parley.tv an amazing ocean org and is up for another 3 weeks. I'm a big fan of this LiL guy. #changeyourperception


GET CLOSER with us in 2018....


RED WHITE & BLUE you see those BIG pectoral fins dropped down like that, means she's not happy. #annoyedFEMALE


Opening tonight with @sagevaughn


No one ever wakes up and says "I'm going to loose my house and my country today" I've spent so much time with thousands of refugees and I pray the day comes we end displacement. @unicef @unitednations @unitednationshumanrights @refugees


I mean really how can you get scared at an animal that smiles at you all the time. Epic white shark season this year. Can't wait for you all to do it one day.


Riding on the backs of Giants. Took this like a decade ago in the Galapagos and haven't been back since. Prepping now for a 2 week expedition there and am so pumped to to probably the best place to dive in the World.