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ready for this weekend like....


Missing my favorite place a little extra today- next stop Italy in May 😎✈️

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Every day is bring your puppy to work day 🐢😍 also working as an assistant buyer for the pet dept means hes our sample doggo πŸ˜‚


Who doesnt love a good rooftop πŸ™

Whitney Museum of American Art

Always working towards the bigger picture πŸ’Ό sounds so corny but I couldnt be happier lately. Living in my own apartment with my love, traveling often the past few weeks and just being able to live the lifestyle I have right after college has all been a blessing. And this is all just the beginning of my aspirations in life 😎


swim sZn ⏳


Missing πŸ”₯ tapas dinners from last week @danjmarks

Sensi Tapas

Wheres the sangria at

Barcelona Cathedral

All of the lights ✨ been trying to come back to this city for the past 4 years and its even better than I remembered 😍

Max Brown Hotel Canal District

Already loving my new job as an Assistant Buyer, and going on vacation in one week! So happy things are finally working out πŸ˜™


Missing small European streets and foreign languages...but only 7 more weeks until my next adventure to Amsterdam/Barcelona 😍

Paris, France