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I'm a gargoyle. Pic @2ndnaturephoto


So, every year at Thanksgiving the president 'pardons' one or two turkeys. It's seen as an expression of mercy and kindness, as clearly the turkeys are innocent and have done nothing to warrant their deaths. But it begs the question...if the kind and merciful thing is to pardon two innocent turkeys, then wouldn't it make sense to 'pardon' all turkeys? It's almost as if the subtext of the turkey pardoning is 'we're pardoning these two, as they're innocent, after which we're going to eat the skin and flesh of the 50,000,000 turkeys we had immigrants kill for us'. Apart from being gross and unethical it's also logically inconsistent: Killing an innocent creature is either good or bad, and pardoning two is a clear sign that everyone recognizes that killing innocent turkeys is egregious and unethical.


I'm trying to think of a clever or insightful caption, but really all I can come up with is: I LOVE COWS. @farmanimalrefuge @thehumaneleague #animalrights #animalliberation


Hahaha, my first(and last)record review, of David Bowie's 'lodger'.. written for the Mather Junior High School newspaper when I was in 9th grade.. pic @karlandersonius


There are a lot of people who are interested in veganism, but they sometimes feel judged and criticized. Let's be kind and welcoming, even to people who might not agree with us.. I mean, I've been a vegan for 30 years, and I don't judge you for all those years when you were still eating at mcdonalds... let's lead by example, being healthy and humble, remembering that no one apart from Joaquin was born #vegan... I understand we're all passionate, but judging and criticizing isn't going to help the cause. Encourage people where they are, just as hopefully someone encouraged you before you became vegan.


Way easier to find happiness by being grateful for what you have than resentful for what you don't.


The proud. The noble. All hail Dragonlord. @boochaces #veganaf


I'm pretty sure these guys should start a band. @boochaces


I got to spend an hour with the #shirtlesspainter on @funnyordie and now I want to be a full time black light painter person. Ps my painting was inspired by an amazing interview with Robert Oppenheimer


Thanks for this picture from last night @chefitophoto ! After the @circlevfest show someone came up to me and said "I didn't know you played guitar " and I realized I've been playing guitar for 43 years...I'm so old...Wait, where did I put my glasses? And what are those young people doing on my lawn? Probably wearing dungarees and smoking lsd.


I love this.. my friends @frankieshawisag and @likemark 's son dressed up like his hero...




That feeling of love that we get when we see an innocent, vulnerable animal is the best part of who we are as a species. We should live our lives so that no animal, anywhere, would ever fear us. Protect the innocent, defend the vulnerable. #animalrights


This is a mother turkey protecting her babies. Please keep her and her babies in mind this week. #animalrights #animalliberation


Thank you for such an amazing day and night at @circlevfest . So many inspiring speakers and performers and #vegan food vendors and artists, but most importantly: you. A festival, and a movement, is nothing without you. So, thank you. Now let's go out and change the world. #animalrights #animalliberation pic @evelienh


My old pal @reggiewatts doing his soundcheck. I love all of the @circlevfest performers, but he is my favorite...and that includes me. Reggie is one of the greatest performers I've ever seen/heard/known.


Here we go! @circlevfest @animalechochamber @tonykanal @nathanrunkle @mercyforanimals #animalrights from noon - 2am! I play live at 9pm, and then dj the after show party at midnight. I'm very happy that coffee is vegan..


Starting at noon today you can follow Circle V at @animalechochamber with posts and live stories! Pic @wedonteatanimals


If you need me I'll be watching this over and over again @thehumaneleague


For every re-post of this image the @theellenshow will donate to the wonderful @dswt !! #animalrights #animalliberation #bekindtoelephants


Honestly can't think of a single #trump whose life has more value than an elephant's.


Sometimes playing super fast hardcore is the only appropriate response.


Cows just want to run and play and hang out with other cows and live their lives. Nothing, and I repeat: nothing gives anyone the right to harm, kill, or in any way impinge upon an animals god given right to live its own life. #animalrights @boochaces


Dear Donald Trump,
Just FYI: it's hypocritical for sexual
predators to ridicule other
sexual predators.
And you, sir, are a sexual predator.
We all do.
In your own words:
'Grab em by the pussy'
'I tried to fuck her'
'When you're a star you can do
So, shut up, you creepy old predator.
@realdonaldtrump @gop #trump


The best thing the internets have ever made. @thehumaneleague #animalrights


I'm not a huge car person, but the soon to be released @teslamotors roadster is insane... 0-100 in 2 seconds. Or as @elonmusk said yesterday, "the point of doing this is to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars". The future ISN'T going to be oil. @leilanimunter


My keyboard player and bff @juliemintz going over the 'porcelain' piano parts one more time before @circlevfest Saturday.


I started playing guitar when I was 9 years old, and I still love playing guitar. But what has made me love electronic music for decades is this: the ability to make sounds that don't exist anywhere else. I never understood people who said that electronic music is cold, as in my opinion electronic music can be nuanced and warm and beautiful.