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Time & Time again we fail our children in this society with its poor design, lack of support and protection for those that NEED us... OUR CHILDREN... #FreeCyntoniaBrown MUST be seen and heard Everywhere ... I for one feel death is too good for those that violate children but how does one penalize a child for saving herself from horrendous acts of violence & sexual abuse daily.. An unjust justice system sees it to be ok to take her life for saving her life... If we keep punishing victims predators will continue to prey!! #FreeCyntoniaBrown She’s served 13 years now from age 16-29 & gotten her degree!! It’s time she be free !!


My face every time I land and it’s cold 😳 Lawd.... Thank you for @canadagoose !!! Every piece will be joining me this tour !!!! #TheGreatXscapeTourWillBeFireTho 🔥


Standing in his will, learning as I grow ❤️ Glasses: @eyechic_philly By: @frency_and_mercury Makeup: @mlatricemua Photo: @cyndiibee_


You can’t expect others to do things for you , you wouldn’t do for yourself !!! Love Yourself, Encourage Yourself, Invest in Yourself , Challenge Yourself , Respect Yourself & except nothing less from anyone else 🖤 M 🖤


Love all Over Me... Still touches my soul.. Thank you to everyone that came out tonight !! What a beautiful place Cove Haven is!! Couples only resort !! A first and memorable Moment for me ❤️❣️❤️

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Im obsessed with velvet ❣️ Makeup: @mlatricemua Photo: @cyndiibee_ Styling: Me... sings “When it’s cold outsideeeeeee”🎼 Lol

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

This tour will be unlike any other !!! It’s filled with the pure heart, passion & love of true R&B ... I’ve enjoyed changing the show, rehearsing songs I haven’t sang in years & working with people that love what they do 🖤 You won’t regret coming to The Great Xscape Tour .... Love Always , Monica ...


Happy Birthday Lu ❤️ We have to re-celebrate when I get to LA.... We enjoy our time with you all and wish you the happiest of birthdays ever!! Make Dad buy something LIT 🤣🤣 @nikkohurtado


I always tell my children, You will miss every pass if you don’t reach!! Reach Higher, Work Harder, Stay Longer, Listen Closer & Go Harder.... If you only do the bare minimum , you can only expect mediocre results !! WE REACH HIGHER... @romelohill shot by @cyndiibee_ (This wasn’t during a game if one questions the lack of helmet... Halloween fun & He still was lit!! #Reach)


In Everything you do !!! I’m with you !!! 🖤 #LoveYou #Brown10


NOW AVAILABLE ... The VIP Experience... Meet me in each city before showtime at #TheGreatXsapeTour This package DOES NOT INCLUDE TICKETS TO THE SHOW!!! The link is in my Bio... can’t wait to meet you guys !!


When your purse and your prayers heavy ➕#DoubleTheProtection #WontHeDoIt ➕ #RoundTheWayGirlBecameAWoman YALL READY FOR THIS TOUR?


@bwa.ron & @simba_gal I’m so happy for the both of you... There really is no greater love ... “Baby Ron” know the love we all have for you has no limits ... 💙


Somebody said you was looking for meeeeeee!!! HERE I GO!!! #StillTheSame ❤️


No matter where I go, or what I do .... I will never forget where I come from... Atlanta.... #Downtown #YouCantStayUpIfYouSwitchUp @dasneakerpeddler got me hooked on Vans... #MySneakerManLit Hair: @kellonderyck Makeup: @mlatricemua Photo: @cyndiibee_


I rather have you next to us instead of on a t-shirt ... I know heaven is better than earth 💔 We miss you #DoItForMazi #Forever @omarbwa @doit4mucho


No matter how often we speak, or see each other .... I always know she will stand in the gap for me 🖤 If you know you know @mekabattle_ & Our Brother (notice I said Our cause we 💯 forever together ) @vvs_vonn


Much Respect for The Legendary GUY.... @teddyriley1 @damionhall_guy & @thelegendaryaaronhall Unbelievable what each of these men have done collectively and separately....(as for the video @laiyahbrown stay lit LOL, the boys had company so she put on an Oscar winning performance to come with me) #ITWORKED 🤷🏾‍♀️ LOL


Whatever you plant is the answer ... We know that what we sow, we shall reap... Let it be great things , it’s never to late to be a better you because Karma has no expiration date ! #SowGreatThings #ReapGreatThings We must TEACH OUR CHILDREN THIS❤️


Be careful crossing, most paths you will cross more than once !! M.B. 🖤 Photo: @cyndiibee_ Makeup: @mlatricemua Styling: Me Moral Compass: My Mother❤️

Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you Kentucky ... Reflecting on the night 🖤 Every moment was a moment .... Makeup: @mlatricemua I Styled Myself & Washed Flat Ironed my bob ... Photo: @cyndiibee_

Louisville 90's Block Party

TODAY...... KENTUCKY..... Don’t Miss the 90’s block party at the KFC Yum Center !!!! See you There ❤️❤️


Mood ......... 🤷🏾‍♀️❤️😂 @laiyahbrown


💕Monica Denise Brown ....


Gain the whole world for the price of your soul????!!!! “Lauryn Hill”


You never know what I’m into... some moves are better executed in silence ... #PrayAndMove #WhenYouPopTheWigOff LOL #Versatility #HeLikesIt 💕 Photo: @cyndiibee_ Makeup: @eva_thediva_kim Hair: Me


FINAL DATES ADDED🖤 #TheGreatXscapeTour CLEVELAND , OH & a 2ND  LOS ANGELES!!! It is almost time for @kandi @majorgirl @therealtamikascott @iamlatocha @tamarbraxton @zonniquejailee @junesdiary & YOURS TRULY🖤Get your tickets NOW at / Use Password: JUSTKICKIN


Happy Birthday @karencivil .... I️ hope you’re surrounded by love & light!!! See you soon!!!! ❤️


When the Babies Call💨...... I’m out .... Yes BestFriend I’m coming home, No Rocko I didn’t stop by a sneaker store, Yes Romelo I will make assembly ❤️ LOL... #GotAWholeSeparatePhoneForThem #NoGreaterLove #ImTheirMomFirst MB


Create your own lane & stay in it ... 🖤 Nails: @teananails Brows: @damoneroberts Hair: @kellonderyck Makeup: @eva_thediva_kim Photo: @cyndiibee_ Styled Myself ❤️