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Thank you God for an awesome 2017. Thank You for everything you have planned for us already in 2018. You have Blessed us on an incredible journey and we have So much to be thankful for. Thank you all for believing in our music and what we stand for. Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours.


Happy Holidaze!
-New Winter Gear
-VIP for New Years


This is Almost to 10,000,000 over on #Youtube . Quickest way to get to our Youtube Channel is . There’s all kinds of wild shit on there. Thanks for watching.

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We love our local Meat Shop @losbanosabattoir . They always take care of us. Tonight was Prime Rib and Peter Vella Box Wine. Support your Local Mom and Pop stops.

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Don’t snooze. Tix are going fast as hell.


When they show us our bar tab.....


When a mom posts what her 10 year old son wrote in class today....This is the type of thing that makes us being on the road hundreds of days a year all worth it. This is the stuff that inspires our song writing. Thank You Shannon for sharing. God Bless your son and I guess we will have to stay on the road another decade so he can have a beer with us. @mercedcountyfair


New Year’s Eve!
Oakdale, CA Tickets on sale now at .Get them while they last!!!! Live the Madness with us at the Central Valley’s Biggest NYE Bash! This event will be fueled by @51fiftyenergy so you know it’s gonna be full throttle!

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Our Classic “Whiskey and Women” is now a Limited Edition Collector’s item (Vinyl Record). Available at
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Last time we were in #Sturgis we had a wild afterparty at our cabin in @glencoecampresort . We had @chopstiqs djing, full bar, and it was off the fish hooks. The next day we had early flights and couldn’t pack everything up so we left a few things behind.

#glencoe #SurvivalKit


Oakdale Bud.
$20 Tickets Go On Sale This Friday at 10 Am at


We like to keep our parties calm and make sure nobody gets too lit.


Just out here working.


This is a quick clip of Bird and @bubbamathis yesterday right before somebody dropped the #redcamera . Those of you in Film know that the RED 🎥 are Thousands of 💰... Once the camera fell the entire video shoot went dead silent.


Shout out to @bubbamathis , @reverendwolff and his entire crew for coming out to our neck of the woods to create some magic 🔥 . And of course a big shout to our @51fiftyenergy family for making 🎥 yesterday a huge success.


Tex and @dtower_92 hard at work at yesterday’s video shoot. @sullenclothing @blackflyseyewear


God Bless our Veterans. Shout Out @crm171112 for this awesome gift. Thank You.


Honoring all our Veterans tomorrow and every day. We thank you for our Freedom. It’s one thing to write songs about how badass our Soldiers are, but it’s another to actually get involved and show how much you appreciate them. That’s why we established Our Non-Profit @operationpackingcoinc that sends our Armed Forces supplies overseas. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops.
Song: “Pass Me The Ammo”

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We are proud to host this year's Moonshine Bandits New Year's Eve Bash in the Central Valley. We look forward to ending the year with a shine in Oakdale also known to many as the "Cowboy Capital of the World". We know that shiners will be traveling from all over America to this and we look forward to celebrating with you all.

Tex and Bird

Tickets go on Sale 11/17/17

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Damn! Just hit 15,000,000 #Youtube Views on Get Loose! Almost to that Diamond mark. What’s cool about this Video is that it was made with a zero budget and a lot of booze. Tex’s brother came in with one camera and a skateboard. He used the skateboard on a pair of pvc pipes to look like the camera was on a camera dolly. For aspiring artists, we are proof that you can make things happen without a million dollar budget and a fancy Hollywood Director. This was just a normal weekend for us at our buddy Jack’s shop party in our hometown in the Central Valley. There wasn’t much to do in our little town so we invited a few of our friends over and created our own fun. Blurry Nights and Wild Weekends. Cheers to the Underdogs.

#GreenV #Calicountry #godblessamerica #GodBlessBikinis #moonshinebandits #shiner #shinernation #centralvalley


USA . Get em’ while they last.
United Shiners of America.


Hot Dammit! Thanks @unclejeremy for the semi truck load of @sullenclothing. The driver had a tough time backing that trailer in, but he nailed it! 🔥 🔥 💀 🔥 🔥
I might give Bird most of his stuff when he flys in from Nashville in a week. But these jackets are so badass I might need to keep more then one.
Can’t wait to jump on a phone call and take this collaboration to the next level in 2018.

#Sullen @sullentv @sullenfamily @sullenangels


You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. We had one Hell of a Tour Crew on this last run. Thanks for all your hard work, Loyalty and Dedication. See yall back on the Road soon.
Cheers and Thank You,
Tex and Bird


So it all comes down to Tonight. The Culture Room Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be our Final Show on this Run. After 38 Shows. 28 Different States. 2 Months of Truckstop Showers. Thousands of Gallons of Jack Daniels and Jager Consumed. Loud Music. Smoke Filled Rooms. Blurry Nights and Cloudy Mornings. Going to bed in one state, waking up in a different Time Zone. Thousands of Miles travelled on that Wide Open Highway. Thank You @officialtwiztid for the Memories. Tonight is our last stop before we head back home to our Families and Friends, visit our local hangouts, light up our grills and try to decompress from a solid 2 Months of Mayhem.
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S/o @ciromountain51 for the 📸


Thank You David and Kim for opening your florida home to us. Your stories are priceless memories that we will never forget. Thank you for the gifts as well, we can’t wait to get them framed...looking forward to linking up in 2018! #nonconformist #Blessed #grateful #thankful
Ps Thanks for the ride to our Hotel.

#DavidAllanCoe #Legend


Spent the entire day in Florida with my friend David Allan Coe. First we met for breakfast, then he rode on our bus with us and took us to his house where we had an awesome day with him and his wife Kim. Here’s a photo of me and David sitting on his porch at his house in Florida. Thank you Bird for capturing this moment of me and David sharing some of our Road Stories together. This is probably my favorite photo of my entire career. It was a pretty incredible feeling As I walked through David’s house and read hand written letters from Johnny Cash and every other legendary artist that’s a fan of David. His house and Tour bus resembled a museum of priceless memories and historical memorabilia. Personal Gifts he had received from everyone from Michael Jackson to Hank Jr to Willie, Waylon, kid rock And the list goes on. I soaked in as much as I could, but at times it became overwhelming. I often asked God, why me, why was I chosen to become friends with one of the greatest song writers of all time. The One thing I took from the entire day is that although our music is different, both David and myself will always be nonconformists till they bury us in the ground. #DavidAllanCoe

thank you for the Gifts. Can’t wait to Frame Them.


Dinner Bound.

Day Off in Daytona.

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