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ATTN LOS ANGELES! Donations needed to help the Northern California area devastated by the wildfires. Check with my dude @iolovesyou for more info on what to donate and where or visit 💕


Did you guys know I love to cook and bake? I taught @nextmodels how to make banana bread (sugar, wheat, and gluten-free!). Thank you @savidesigns @gabbalavelle @hannahxsev @kellyramsawak 💕🍌🍞 AND I am on a seasonal soup-making escapade at home! Check my story for deets from yesterday and today ✨🍲 #alwayseating #nextonthemenu


Midday Monday mood 😐by @drewjarrett1 for @ladytv_ directed/styled by the amazing @susanwinget and @laurakitty makeup by @reginaharris #mondaymood


Today's feels ✨🌲 #35mm film from the Swiss Alps, 2017. See more photos here: @studiomyla #tourdumontblanc #tmb #gooutside #explorewildly

Champex, Valais, Switzerland

Feeling very empowered today by this outpouring of strong women using their voices and telling their stories. What an amazing time to come together and fight for what is right. On that note, I am REALLY feeling this new 💄 from @thelipsticklobby! $5 of every purchase of this shade 'OUTRAGE' goes directly to the ACLU! This is not an ad, just a genuine appreciation for a cool project and the women behind it like @katepowerslovesyou and @tracymurphymua. Check it out! (the quality of the lipstick is actually amazing too) #lipstickittotheman #ACLU


THANK YOU @cameronrussell for sharing these never ending stories of abuse and harassment in our industry (fashion). It has happened to me many many times, and it is never ok. Women, please continue to use your voices and tell your story. That is how things change. Check out what Cameron is doing and share your own story if you can. Just one of mine:
I was set up by my agency to shoot an editorial for a French magazine with a major photographer who, in addition to taking photographs, owns his own fashion magazine that is very influential. I was told the photos would be semi-nudes and nude, and to bring clothing that I liked and wanted to show the stylist. We started shooting in the offices of his magazine, with his female assistant present. There was no stylist, and they never looked at or mentioned the clothing I had brought. Instead I was instructed to get fully nude, right away, and that was how I was to stay for the entire shoot. The photographer instantly started making suggestive comments, fanning himself, removing his jacket and his sweater because I was making him "too hot", telling me what a sexy body I had, etc. After we had shot for a while, he told me we would shoot the rest at his hotel room in the Standard, where he always stays when he is in town, because he is friends with the owner. "It's a 'girl next-door' story," he said, "so we have to make it look like we're at your apartment." I was a bit confused, because I actually live in this city, and if that was the point of the story, we could have shot at my real apartment. But, my agents had told me what a big opportunity it was, and if he liked me we had the chance that he would put me in his own magazine. So I went along with it, hoping the female assistant would help me block his advances. Surprise surprise, she did not come with us to the hotel. Instead, it was just the two of us. As we walked there from his office, he repeatedly tried to hold my hand, asked me about my romantic and sexual life, if I had a boyfriend, whether I was faithful. "Yes," I told him, "I have a boyfriend. Yes, I am faithful. I intend to have children with him." Cont. ⬇️


Night moves ✨🦇 @primadonnalingerie #nightcap #batoutofhell


Steamy mornings ✨💨 oldie but goodie by @jason_nocito_studio #humidityonfleek #indiansummer


dreamy • handmade #35mm film panoramic from the Swiss Alps, 2017. See more of my photos here @studiomyla #fracturedlandscapes #gooutside #tourdumontblanc #explorewildly


🌀🌀🌀 by @kavaberries #workwithfriends


Squeezing out summer to the last drop 💦 #indiansummer

Montauk At DitchPlains