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Join me tonight from 6-9 PM at the @nomanslandfilmfestival at Sierra Nevada College where I’ll be speaking on a panel discussing the importance of women in the outdoors to kick off the film festival highlighting all female films! Hope to see you there 💃💃💃💃 » 📸: @blattphoto


The mist rolled, our hands cold, but warmed by the sunset through the clouds. I found myself running around seeking a high point to watch the day’s end, giggling and energized inside. Yesterday was not taken for granted. » 🕺: @jimwmorrison


Being honest here, the whole self promotion thing on social media feels strange to me. It feels better to talk about other people, those that inspire me. As a young lady, it was super important for me to have a female role model. Mine was Mia Hamm and I idolized her. As I get older, it still feels really good to look up to other women and @kimmyfasani is one of those women. While she’s accomplished a lot in her snowboarding career, her personality and friendship have certainly helped shape me over the years. She’s a constant source of strength, positivity, and natural beauty. Lucky to get to call her an adventure partner! This year she is taking on a new adventure with her husband @chrisbenchetler as they start a family. It’s been totally rad watching her pave the way for other females in action sports who want to start a family one day too. Thanks for all that you do Kimmy! Also, side note...Kimmy will be joining the @safeasclinics crew at @coppermtn Dec. 2nd and 3rd. Registration is open if you visit www.safeasclinics.com 💁 Anyways, I love shouting out my inspos and Kimmy rocks! ❤️ » #girlcrush / #slaydies


It’s far more important to use your vote in elections, but I’d like to extend the opportunity to practice voting as tomorrow is the last day of the @powdermagazine people’s choice awards! The link is in my profile, it’s simple, you might win something awesome, and if you do cast a vote this way consider this a huge thank you for the support! Go get em’ ladies and gents! 💁😜🕺⚡️💎 » 📸: @gpmartinphoto


Spent the last two days with an amazing group of inspiring individuals during the @protectourwinters athlete summit. We heard from climate scientists, communication specialists, and many more. We spoke about the facts, solutions, and how we can engage, do more, and be a part of the solution. Very honored to be a part of such a strong voice and to get to gather once a year with everyone which always leaves me inspired to dive in deeper and speak up louder. There has never been a more important time to stand up for climate change. To quote founder @jeremyjones “We are the first generation to feel the impacts of climate change and the last that can do something about it.” If you are wondering what you can do, check out protectourwinters.org and click Take Action to find the climate activist’s roadmap that is a very helpful guide on how you can make a difference. 🌎 Thank you POW for helping to educate us and for empowering us. 🙌

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Maui = high octane negative ions. Connecting with my environment every day is what keeps me in balance. Especially as the seasons change and the focus and energy shifts. ❤️ & 💭 recharged from this beautiful place.


A little island time before heading into winter seemed appropriate. Back to the place that played a huge role in my recovery last year. This little town on the North Shore of Maui holds a special place in the timeline of my life. Extra special hanging with @paigealms and @sos_shapes making my heart beat strong in the ocean 🌊...just wait until you two visit in the mountains 😳😬💁!!!


While I’ve posted this shot before, I️’m using it again to announce our avalanche clinics with @safeasclinics this December. Join us at @coppermtn on the 2nd and 3rd or at @squawalpine on Dec. 9th and 10th to learn from some seriously incredible ladies including @ingridbackstrom, @jackiepaaso, @elysesaugstad, & @leltone! We are offering both co-ed days and women’s clinics. Check out safeasclinics.com for more information. With winter right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about avalanche awareness, safety, and good protocol for being in the mountains. SAFE AS is a great way to start your season off! » 📸 by @willwiss of a giant wall of sluff to my left. While this massive amount of moving snow walled up beside me, I️ shot to the right to my safety zone and watched it pass. I️ love this shot capturing how small I️ feel skiing in AK. 💎


Almost a week ago I️ got a phone call from an old friend. He told me that @mspfilms won film of the year at the @if3festival and that I️ won Best Female Performance. As I️ listened to his words, a years worth of rehab driven by passion flooded my memories. Consistently, the year following major injuries, is the year that I️ have won this award. Must be the carefree no expectations attitude that I️ take with me into the mountains after getting back on my skis. The pureness of skiing feels so gratifying after a couple of surgeries, every day seems like a gift, and every turn is fulfilling. Whoa, I’m beyond fired up, honored, and grateful for the good times! Huge shoutout to MSP, to my sponsors that stuck by my side, and to all of the ladies who absolutely crushed it this year. These women inspire me every day. @angelcollinson thanks for being my rehab buddy (couldn’t ask for a better one) and I️ even feel lucky for the injury bringing us so close. @elysesaugstad filming by your side this year was beyond special. I️ loved every second of it and it certainly made me push myself. @tatummonod you always throw down, always impressed...here’s to recovery and to coming back strong. This year could have gone to anyone of you!!! @redbull huge thanks for the support and helping me get back on my feet after this one! Here’s to the snow falling and another beautiful winter filled with epic adventures and plentiful days of smiles. » 🙌 @deep2peak // @blackcrows_skis // @arcteryx // @anonoptics // @hydroflask // @arcadebelts // @squawalpine // 📸 : @willwiss


This years @redbull Rampage was one of the best. Every competitor landed winning runs and I was awestruck watching these athletes perform on such a high level. It was super fun to run around and shoot a few photos while enjoying the show. » @tylermccaul getting it in this first shot and crowd fave @camzink sending a huge backflip in the second. 🌵

Springdale, Utah

🌵Chased by light back to the trail head. 👀 » 📸: Cave dweller @blattphoto // @iamspecialized_wmn

Zion National Park

🌵To the desert where the deep reds of the rock reflect a golden light at sunset. In the stillness of the night, life seems abundant if you listen closely. Hooting owls, scampering bunnies, and the birds song whistled with the breeze. Time for some two wheelin’ fun this week! » 📸: @blattphoto // 🚲: @iamspecialized_wmn Rhyme // #nohandedbikeclub

Zion National Park

Road trip essentials...couple of sling shots, fake teeth, and nerd glasses. A quick stop in Virginia City on our way to the desert provided plentiful entertainment for the entire drive. Side note: Do stop in Virginia City to smell the flowers, it will not disappoint! » 📸: @blattphoto // @redbull Rampage here we come! 💥


Throwin’ it back to days in the mountains with Marc Andre Belliveau and Vincent Dorian. Feeling lucky to have spent time with these legends who paved the path for so many. This was a short day. Marc went first, I snagged this shot, then the clouds rolled in and that was that. Memories still fresh. » 📷: @alexobrien


Yesterday’s view, above the sea of clouds, before a couple of memorable descents with a fast posse of two wheelers was all 💎s! Mt. Hough you flow so smooth... » 📷: @blattphoto // 🚲: @iamspecialized_wmn Rhyme // #nohandedbikeclub


Very excited to check out a new flick tonight at @squawalpine with these two wheelers! Had the pleasure of hiking up a few mountains on the Eastside with them in the making of this film and pretty much laughed the entire time. Here’s to human powered adventures, a little suffering, a lot of weird, and some nice turns by @a_maxhammer and @nick_russelll. Cannot wait! 5 PM in the village...yeeeeeooow!!! 🚲👆🎿👇 » The Last Hill : Until The Next One // #giddyup

Lago Tahoe

Taking the path of least resistance and doing the thing that I love most. Time stands still, you can hear my laugh a mile away, and life is simple. Soon 🙋!!! » 📷: @jeffcricco // @blackcrows_skis // #skicalifornia


The ascent of any route begins, in dreams at least, the autumn before. Our minds ring, involuntarily, with the alluring names of mountains, aiguilles, faces and ridges. Is it the name itself which is so tempting, or the picture we have of the mountain itself, or does the appeal come from our feeling of the actual process of climbing? All of us have our reasons, innumerable, personal and complex. From many points of view a climb is a challenge we must meet. - Gaston Rebuffat // A similar feeling for mountains masked in white is twisting through the mind as the seasons change. » 📷: @gpmartinphoto // @arcadebelts


Current day dreams 💭 from a far off land. 😍


Huge thanks to everyone who came out last night in Seattle with @mspfilms. Loved all the good vibes and positive energy. You guys rule! » 📷: @robinoneill // @arcteryx

SeaTac, Washington

Weekend full of two wheelin with many friends in this beautiful place I am lucky enough to call home. @jackiepaaso thanks for the visit! Come back more often please. » @iamspecialized_wmn // #nohandedbikeclub

Deer Lake

Had the best time last night at @squawalpine with @mspfilms. Nothing like watching the flick with 23 local rockstars in the movie in your hometown. Huge thanks to everyone who came out. I hope you guys like the movie as much as I do! » 📷: @blattphoto // On the set while filming my ukulele intro. 🎶 // Next stop is Seattle on the 16th! // #sacreddreamuke

Emerald Bay State Park

Very excited to be at the hometown showing if @mspfilms Drop Wverything tonight at @squawalpine Olympic Village Lodge! Doors open at 7 PM. If you want to simultaneously laugh your face off and get fired up for winter then bring your friends and let’s get this party started! See you there! Also, I’ll be heading up to Seattle for the Oct. 16th premier at the Neptune Theatre. Come one, come all! » #DropEverything // @arcteryx

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Been trying to break the four wheel habit locally here in Tahoe this summer. As I write this, a young lady just peddled past my house on her way to school. I’ve seen her almost every morning, but she’s the only one. Each time I ride my bike instead of drive my car, I feel better, younger, and I’m never worried about traffic. Cheers to those two wheeling commuters! For every 1 mile pedaled rather than driven, nearly 1 pound of CO2 is saved. Keep the wheels spinnin’. » 🚲: @iamspecialized_wmn Sequoia // 📷: @blattphoto // #nohandedbikeclub


Just got home from Texas with the @redbull fam. Back in the mountains and very excited about this weeks @mspfilms premier in @squawalpine on the 11th at OVL. Doors open at 7PM. Only one showing so get there early and be ready to laugh all night. Don’t miss this one!!! » 📷: @jeffcricco // #DropEverything


Always a time in the Cathedral Range, especially getting to share your passion with someone new to climbing. Thanks for the constant laughter and for always making everything fun @blattphoto. 💎💎💎


Last light in the Range of Light. » #instokewetrust


Okay, it was more than a puddle of mud. This natural hot spring soothed the body after a long day in the mountains followed by my favorite community gathering of the year and these two bright young ladies soothed the mind and are a constant reminder of all that is good. We picnicked, played music, laughed nonstop, and of course played in the mud until our finger tips looked like raisens. » Children of the mud photo: 3/3

Bridgeport, California

Children of the mud never grow up. » Photo 2/3 by @blattphoto