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Born at 9am, 9th day of the 9th month.
1st daughter of @GlennAlinskie & @ChelseaOliviaA
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They asked me for a smile to the camera, but NO , I gave them this "Bwekk!" 😜😜😜


Yeayy.. next time its my turn to be on Daddy's shoulder when we go to Disneyland! Stay strong Daddy and Mommy!
πŸ“Έ @uthie_


There is no fish in the pool.☹️
πŸ“Έ @kurniawanbuntoro


Sharing a corn with Mommy.. I think am starting to really like eating corn here in Bali. 😍


Hi.. I am at Rasalokal checking and making sure all SOP is done accordingly. And also doing some quality control. Hehehe.. my chance to eat more Rasalokal! @rasalokalindonesia

Rasalokal Bali

Have you had your lunch? If not, please do.. it's good for you. Bon appétit.😁


I saw fish.. i wanna see fish.. pls let go aunty... see youuu πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ


I see water! Lets go see some fishes before Daddy and Mommy caught me. They said i am wearing a dress and is not suitable for swimming..


Aku emang mirip daddy..kalo kamu mirip siapa?


Walking with my King. πŸ“Έ @dartjong


Yeay!! I am very happy!! And I hope all of you are happy too!! Have a great day!!


Say "Cheese"!!
Matching dress and matching smiles too?
Our matching dress made by @hiantjen


Mommy and I playing dress up for Aunty Olive's Holy Matrimony.


Today I came to visit ceceh @littlemiss_k to congratulate her for her new little baby sister. Here is a hug and a kiss..


Good morning world. Owh. Its so bright. Daddy said the Sun is so bright like my future. I would like to say amen to that! πŸ₯‚


Happy Sangjit uncle Mikey and aunty Elie.. i hope our family stays happy and harmonious. I can't wait to have cousins soon!! So we can play catching and hide and seek. And many many more games.😍


Is it chinese new year yet? Or is uncle Mikey @michaelalinskie rehearsing for Chinese new year giving out ang pao? Whatever it is though, i love it!! Yeayy..


Daddy, I want to swim but I don't want to get wet.


Something is up with the aircon. Maybe daddy haven't changed the filter so its abit hot and my armpits need to breath.


Heeyy.. what are you doing? Don't poke me..


Grocery shopping with Daddy and Mommy.. buying ribs, broccoli and some chilli. But i wont eat the chilli. Its hot and spicy. Hah.


Playing peek a boo with this 2 sisters.. its so fun!! Daddy, Mommy!! I want sisters and brothers!


My 1st little halloween party! 🀣


My fitting session with the TOP Designer @hiantjen for upcoming parties! He said he needs to alter a little bit but i think this is super gorgeous and elegant and it doesnt restricts my movement. I can even run away with it..


I like to climb up the stairs on my own.. its good exercise and i love the feeling when we reach the top. So clap your hands πŸ‘!


I was there to witness Aunty Olive's Sangjit. It was nice. Lots of good food, very nice ambience, lots of things from the uncle Ara's family. And the best of all they have small little fishes swimming in the pond.. 🐟🐠😍


Get the camera away from me..


We are on the way to Aunty Olive's big day of Sangjit. Oh mom is videoing.. hi..


A happy day out with kung kung and Daddy in Singapore.. horaayy horraayy..


Yeay.. our little family.. thats my kung kung.. Daddy and Mommy.. i love holidays!! Let's do this more often!