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📷: @beccaskinner // @jadeelhardt starts the coffee routine in Makoshika State Park. These badlands were once home to dinosaurs and is currently the largest state park in Montana.


"I think we reached the end of the earth. Let's turn back." 👁‍🗨@lastcurlew looks north to the Arctic Ocean in his never ending quest to #protectthearctic . //////
📷: @jercollins_com


Video: @coreyrichproductions | As rock climbers, we’re often asked, “Hey, how do you get the rope up there?” Tree climbers have a great answer to that question: they use a slingshot! This clip is taken from a story I shot about some climate scientists who are studying the Amazon Rainforest to determine how our planet’s lungs are being affected by climate change. Getting down to the rainforest and working in this vertical world was a full-on adventure! @brybit


Photo by: @jamesqmartin "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." John Muir

Grand Teton National Park

Photo @andy_best // There's nothing quite like standing above the clouds with a bud, even if the skies only open for a moment. That moment is what fuels me until the next adventure.


Photo by @max.lowe // It’s not always about the size of the wave, it’s how you ride it that counts. Professional surfer @sepp_bruhwiler making it look easy popping out of a little wave at a break north of Tofino BC.


📸 by @joeyschusler // In Tibet prayer flags can mean a lot of different things, but one thing is almost always certain – a high concentration of them often means you are at the top of the pass and it’s finally time to go down. @bricemag And @sam_seward dropping in from 16,000+ ft in the Yading Mountains in the Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Provence, China.

Garzê, Sichuan, China

We paddled out to the center of the lake. We didn't know it was going to storm. We took out our pens and began to draw anyways. Life is story. @jercollins_com

Maligne Lake

Photo @andy_best // Sometimes one needs to get out into beautiful places to see things a bit more clearly.

Mount Hood, Oregon

Photo by @celinserbo // The Swiss build structures in amazing places. The Sphinx Observatory sits at 3571m near the Jungfrau in the Berner Oberland area of the Swiss Alps.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // @jondevore leaping off a 3,000-foot cliff in southern Utah (exact location withheld intentionally at the request of the BASE jumpers). To get this shot I rappeled over the edge of the cliff on a rope that was tied off to 20 tiny little bushes on top. There were no rocks or trees on top to make a secure anchor. In reality it was a mental anchor as I down climbed to a small ledge and then climbed back up after Jon jumped without ever weighting the rope. While I have never BASE jumped or wingsuited it looked both terrifying and a lot of fun. This jump was a "Triple Black Diamond" jump according to Jon and the other BASE jumpers because of the horizontal ledge 1,000 feet down from the top and the left hand 90 degree turn required in this somewhat narrow canyon so you don't hit the other wall. In all they were airborne for nearly a full minute. #basejumping #wingsuit #wingsuiting #utah


Photo @ladzinski / @danahrichardson embracing that feeling of being tiny you so easily get at #torresdelpainenationalpark 🤤

Awasi Patagonia

Photo @fred_pompermayer In life you will face certain situations where you have no control. Before everything goes dark, keep up the hope and high five the circumstances.
@healeywaterops about to experience the power of Mother Nature.


Photographer @grant_gunderson was exploring the @revelstoke backcountry with skier @markabma when they found this pillow stacked playground

Revelstoke, British Columbia

📸 @timkemple
Climbing an iceberg on a lagoon in a remote part of Iceland may sound crazy, but I think it’s probably @pfaff_anna idea of a vacation!


Photo: @coreyrichproductions | All grin and grit, David Lama (@davidlama_official) is one of the most talented climbers I’ve ever met. We’ve been all over the world on adventures together, and I’m looking forward to dozens more.


Photographer @reubenkrabbe “If you are going to do something big, you will very likely be unqualified to succeed by definition” -Scientist James Watson
@james_mcskimming in the BC Coast Range.


Photo by @max.lowe // In the distance, the glinting lights of the Iranian border guard towers shone red against the sky as it slipped from dark to first days light. Drawing my mind to this moment, hiking up a mountainside still littered with land mines from wars past, with three veterans of the American war in Iraq, draws me back into this journey like none other.
To see the full film Adventure Not War, head over to my profile, @max.lowe and follow the link in my profile! #veteransday


Photo @fred_pompermayer The ever so magical Yosemite, photographed at night lit only by the full moon.


Photo: @paulzizkaphoto. An incredible aurora display as we watched the lights dance above the crevasses of the Greenland icecap.

That spot will definitely go down as one of the most incredible settings I've had the chance the photograph the lights from!


Photographer @grant_gunderson captured skier @zackgiffin skiing amongst the trees in the @therealmtbakerskiarea rain forest.

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Video: @coreyrichproductions | Put the 142-mile Kokopelli Trail on your “Bikeit List.” Rebecca Rusch (@rebeccarusch) sent the Kokopelli in 13.5 hours in 2013, a female record. Most likely, it’ll take you a little longer.


📷 @andy_best // That time snow stretched over and gently covered my favorite place.

Yosemite National Park

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Kohl Christensen riding a mountain of water on a chaotic day at Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. #hawaii #surfing #pipeline #oahu


Photographer @grant_gunderson captured skier @mattiasevangelista airing into the sunset early season @therealmtbakerskiarea Are you ready for ski season yet?

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Photographer @grant_gunderson captured skier @crazy_karl dropping in early season @therealmtbakerskiarea

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Photo by: @jamesqmartin
Even if you've "checked off" Yosemite or any other national park, I challenge you to go there again and find a completely new experience. There is so much more to discover, even in places we think of as familiar.

Yosemite National Park

📷: @krystlejwright // We each have our own unique way of connecting with nature whether it is through adventure, science, photography and so forth. What is becoming apparent is the shift in our weather patterns where dreamy days like these are sometimes hard to come by in tough seasons. Rather than succumb to social media to point out supposed contradictions of others lifestyles, think about the small ways you can improve yours as we all strive to do better on this fragile planet. Little things matter as we are all in this together. Here’s to long days on the mountain and chasing the stoke!


#Sponsored by @ExploreCanada: Emily Harrington makes quick work of the multi-pitch Showcase Spire near Whistler. British Columbia, Canada offers climbing routes for all skill levels to explore. Video by Bryan Smith, Reel Water Productions