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Photo by @nickhallphoto. Congrats to Nick Hall for his big wins at the recent @assocphoto awards, including a shoot he did on assignment with TNC in the central Great Rift Valley of Tanzania! Nick describes his time with the Hadza — one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes on Earth — as life-changing and “one of the most incredible experiences of my life.” Here, Hadza hunter Hamesi Hasani and his 10-year-old nephew Mkapa Kaunda are on top of a rocky outcropping near their camp, overlooking the land we’re working with partners to help them protect.
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Photo by @amivitale. As overfishing threatens Lake Tanganyika's living resources, efforts are being made to address its effects. To protect fish species, the Tanzanian government established part of Mahale Mountains National Park as a no-fishing zone. But since these boundaries can be blurry and difficult to enforce, we're looking for solutions to help #DemarcatetheLake. Learn more about The Demarcate Challenge and how you could win $1,000 in prizes: (link in bio)

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Lake Tanganyika

Photo by @amivitale. Tourism is Kenya’s second largest contributor in foreign exchange earnings after agriculture. In 2016, it contributed about 10 percent to Kenya’s GDP, 9 percent to formal wage employment, and 3.5 percent to total employment. Not to mention, protected areas and wildlife account for 75 percent of total tourism earnings! To celebrate wildlife and wild places for World Tourism Day and to show support for the plastic bag ban, we’re calling on our Kenyan friends to finish the following sentence in the comments below: “SAVE KENYA, IT’S THE ONLY COUNTRY WITH …” You could win your slogan on a limited edition cloth bag to be given out throughout October in select Nairobi malls. Not from Kenya? That’s ok! We’d love to see your responses, too.
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Loisaba Conservancy

Great to see @africanparksnetwork celebrating new life on World Rhino Day! ✨🦏✨#Regram from @africanparksnetwork: "On this World Rhino Day we are pleased to share the exciting good news that a rhino calf has been born in @akagerapark - the first wild rhino birth for Rwanda in over a decade! In May of this year, African Parks in collaboration with the RDB and with support from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, successfully reintroduced 18 Eastern black rhinos to Akagera in an historic translocation bringing back the species to the country after a 10-year absence. While all of the rhinos were considered precious cargo, one in particular was carrying a special delivery. Ineza, a female rhino turned out to be well into her 16-month gestation. Her new-born calf was confirmed in August and has been sighted regularly since then. We have spent the past six years preparing for this moment, in making the park safe for the rhinos return and for all the wildlife in the park, including the newborns along the way. The story of the rhinos return, Akagera’s restoration, and this new calf provides hope for the species and for conservation around the globe. Where there is safety, wildlife thrives. Join with us in celebrating this #WorldRhinoDay and share the good news, because there is so much to be hopeful for. 📷 Augustin Manirarora #Rhinos #AfricanParks #WorldRhinoDay #Akagera #SavetheRhinos #Rwanda #RhinosReturn #goodnews"

Akagera National Park

Photo by @amivitale. Every year on September 22 wildlife lovers and conservationists around the world come together to celebrate the mighty rhinoceros. Please join us in thanking our friends at @lewa_wildlife, @olpejeta, and @savetherhinonamibia for their hard work to protect them. Here, Adin Tapicha feeds orphaned southern white rhino calves at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya. Happy #WorldRhinoDay!

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Photo by @amivitale. Our Instagram fans are some of the smartest people we know and we need your help to solve a big conservation problem in western Tanzania. Lake Tanganyika holds nearly one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, is home to 250 endemic fish species, and provides 40% of all protein for lakeshore villages. That’s why were working hard to empower local fishermen to protect the lake from overfishing and ensure long-term sustainability of their aquatic resources. The problem: While fishing in Mahale Mountains National Park is strictly prohibited, the boundaries of the park are often unclear. Use innovation for good to help us better mark where protected waters begin, and commercial fishing ends, by entering our #DemarcatetheLake challenge at (link in bio)! We can’t wait to see your ideas. Bonus: You could win cash prizes and earn the opportunity to collaborate with our science team to create a lasting solution!

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Lake Tanganyika

Photo by @amivitale. Samburu women plant seeds of native plants in areas where they’ve removed invasive red thorn bushes at Westgate Conservancy in northern Kenya. Congrats are in order for the members of this community conservancy since they have officially been awarded legal rights to their land from the Samburu County Government, giving them greater autonomy and igniting momentum for building a more sustainable future. Westgate is home to around 5,000 pastoralists, and as a changing climate and increasing human population bring greater challenges to their grasslands, secure land tenure will be a vital foundation in their endeavors to balance prosperous livelihoods with successful wildlife conservation. Well done, @nrt_kenya and Westgate Conservancy! Read the full story:

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Photo by Tom Stahl. As partners of the @elephantcrisisfund we wish to extend a special thank you to @tiffanyandco for their commitment to saving elephants and for the launch of the #TiffanySaveTheWild collection. 100% of profits will be donated to the @elephantcrisisfund which has been an essential partner in supporting our conservation efforts on the ground in Africa. Here, a baby and juvenile elephant hold trunks in the morning sunlight, on the plains of Amboseli National Park, Kenya.
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Amboseli National Park

Photo by @jasonbhouston. Seychelles is a global biodiversity hotspot containing 115 islands in the Western Indian Ocean, about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) off the coast of East Africa. Its “Blue Economy” is based on tuna and tourism, which, along with its low-lying island geography, makes its people and economy particularly vulnerable to the threats of climate change. To protect its most important natural resource, Seychelles completed an innovative debt-for-nature swap with TNC and the Paris Club in 2015. As part of the deal, this archipelago nation has committed to protecting 30 percent of its marine territory by 2020, resulting in one of the largest marine reserves on the planet! Click the link in our bio to read a new story on this important conservation work from @theeconomist.
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Cousin Island

Photo by @amivitale. 4,000 citizen scientists have already helped track giraffes in northern Kenya online and you can, too! The more we know about giraffe movements, the better we can protect them. One volunteer even spotted a species that we did’t think ventured into the @loisaba_conservancy area as they were sifting through camera trap photos — the honey badger! Such a great find. Not to mention, more than two years of conservation work has already been completed in only two months thanks to the efforts of volunteers like you from around the world. Let’s keep the momentum going. Visit (link in bio) to help!

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Photo by @amivitale. Today is the last day to enter our sweepstakes and win an awesome prize pack by turning your pet into an Honorary #RangerDog at (link in bio)! It’s easy: upload a photo, add a sticker, and share on social media to inspire more people to care about elephants. Huge thanks to you all for participating and to Rebecca Papke, a true friend to elephants and #RangerDogs, who is matching your actions with funding to help give Warrior and Machine everything they’ll need to #SaveElephants in the year ahead at @loisaba_conservancy.
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Loisaba Conservancy

Photo by @amivitale. Thanks to our supporters, we're helping security teams in Africa get access to more training, equipment, new technology, and other resources, including anti-poaching #RangerDogs. You can easily help provide food, medicine, security gear, and more necessities to our four-legged ranger friends Warrior and Machine who work hard to keep elephants safe on @loisaba_conservancy in northern Kenya. It's easy! Upload a photo of your pet at, add an Honorary #RangerDog beret sticker, and share on social media. Your pet will inspire more people to care about elephants — and could win a prize pack with a special edition bandana, Fluff & Tuff plush toy, and more. Click the link in our bio to participate! Tomorrow's the last day!

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Loisaba Conservancy