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Tonight we’re staying on a steep hill in a dilapidated, for-sure-haunted 1930s mansion run by Helga De Silva, mother-in-law of the late fashion editor Isabella Blow. (Stereophonics wrote the song “Madame Helga” about her.) The door to our room doesn’t lock, monkeys tap-dance on the roof, and there’s a truly terrifying mural of a winking Medusa on the wall at the foot of our bed. I’d say good night but I’m far too excited/terrified to close both eyes.

Helga's Folly

And here, on a street dedicated to brightly colored textiles, was the last we ever saw of @mishakahn

Colombo, Sri Lanka

I’m here for the culture, Sri Lanka. But I am also 👏🏻 HERE 👏🏻 FOR 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 SHADE 👏🏻

Galle Face Hotel

Last-minute trip to Sri Lanka tomorrow; celebrating my bon voyage with all my dearest friends 🌮🌮🌮

Taco Bell

Our kitchen in this week’s @nymag which Mish accurately describes as “the visual equivalent of an alarm that wakes you up to the voices of screaming children.” @dhwendygoodman 📸 @annieschlechter


SCREAMING AT THAT HEDLINE 😂😂 Thank you @dhwendygoodman and @annieschlechter for sharing our LSD-dropping man-baby home w the world @nymag @designhunting


First of all, happy birthday @jordanhancock but also: 😒 #ugglife


#tbt to when a stranger on the internet delighted and terrified me by photoshopping me into posters and visual puns (not shown: HaraMISSION IMPOSSIBLE, Nick HarAMISH, and THE Nick HaraMIST)


Well, hello @glamourmag (& @geechrist)


Some people have friends who talk about 401Ks and starting a family, meanwhile...


Rushed home bc he said he was making pizza. Opened the front door only to discover that in fact he’d just made a pizza dough beret. 🍕

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Know I’ve been posting about the book a lot (almost done doing that, promise!) but this picture of my Grandma makes my heart so, so happy.


My assistant told me that Bianca was holding on line 1. Assuming it was my pal @bianconibianca 👁️answered, “YASSSS BIANCA KWEEN.” It was Bianca Jagger. 🤷🏻‍♂️


In our new issue, performance artist Tehching Tsieh talks to Marina Abramović about his insane yearlong projects, which have included not leaving the house and punching a time clock every hour on the hour for 365 days, living on the streets of New York for 365 days, and being tied to—but never touching—fellow artist Linda Montano for 365 days. Here he is, photographed at age 23, jumping from the second story of his childhood home, moments before breaking both his ankles in the name of art.


Just met w realtor and we r seriously considering buying this house upstate. Y/N?

New Paltz, New York

Congrats @joejonas on yr engagement!!! 💍

Catskill Park

This black-lighted drip candle has been burning since 1969, making it as old as the Stonewall Riots, Neil Armstrong’s “moon landing,” and Gap

Woodstock, New York

Sculptor and deep freak Harvey Fite spent 37 years of his life turning an abandoned quarry into 6.5 acres of rock art. He died at 76 while working on it, in a fall. 🙌🏻


It was in this moment, photographing his boyfriend posing under a table in an orange wig at a motel run by Kate Pierson of the B-52s, that the editor asked himself how things went so wildly off the rails.

Kate's Lazy Meadow

And just to make all of us feel a little worse about ourselves going into the weekend, another photo of Ezra Miller in the new issue


The third, and my favorite, of our November covers pairing 3 generations of Hollywood rockstars with actual rockstars: Ezra Miller interviewed by Erykah Badu 📸 @mikaeljansson 👔 @ludivinepoiblanc




Where there’s a will, there’s a Weiwei


“Lady Bird,” Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut, is maybe the best movie ever. In our new issue, she talks to another one of her fans, Francis Ford Coppola 📸 @victordemarchelier 👗 @sarahellisonprat


Buckle up, cumberbitches. The second of our three November issue covers: Benedict Cumberbatch in conversation with Thom Yorke 📸 @mikaeljansson 👔 @ludivinepoiblanc


Tbh I’d still say 🍕 (thank you for doing that @lenadunham ❤️)


My dad has lots of sisters 🤷🏻‍♂️


For our November men’s issue, 3 covers ft. 3 generations of Hollywood rockstars, interviewed by 3 actual rockstars. Up first: the legendary Gary Oldman, the favorite to win this year’s best actor Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill, in conversation w his friend Jack White. 📸 @mikaeljansson 👔 @ludivinepoiblanc


What, this? Misha just made me a squirrel out of scraps of shorn sheep’s wool, reading my book 🐿️