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Wouldn't take much for me to up and run...somewhere in the sun ☀️

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Listening to the sound of all 3 of my kids getting along and laughing together...makes the heart melt. #musictomomsears


Circa 1995 - many many valentines ago😅


Someone got his ears lowered 💙


Good things come to those who wait. I’ve had my eye on this chest for about 2 years and the place was going mobile and getting rid of their store front this weekend and I got it for almost half the cost from when I first found it❤️🤗


Well we attempted a bday celebration, cut short by a positive strep test. Guess we will do the movie/sleepover another weekend. #celebrateeveryweekend


She wanted cinnamon toast for her cake. It’s the only thing that sounded good so that’s what it was!


Happy 12th bday to my little Mace Face! She’s been sick for 3 days and still isn’t feeling great! Poor thing. She’s been a firecracker all year and just can’t shine today. Love you Mace😘


When the sailor visits the scholar ❤️


No fair