3.26.17 met ariana ♡@onlymyboca

woman’s choice, our bodies, our music, our clothing...sexy, flirty, and fun, it is not at all an open invitation ♡


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the cutest :)♡


she's honestly the most stunning thing i've ever laid my my eyes on she's absolutely gorgeous ♡♡


happy birthday ophelia 🎂


i feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic 🚖


plant love grow peace 🌱


ariana is so strong through everything it makes me feel like i can be strong through the tough times in life. im so proud of her shes just amazing i love her so much. i can't believe my baby is 24 i know i posted about her birthday already but its so surreal i watched this little smol bean grow up, im actually so happy for her, she. is. my. world. 💭💕


happy birthday to the most incredible, beautiful, inspiring, gorgeous, kind hearted woman i know. you're amazing and i can't explain how much i fucking love you thank you for everything you changed my life you are so strong and i am always proud of every little single thing you do. you are my favorite person in the world honestly i don't think you know how much us arianators love you. i'm so glad you were born on June 26 1993 at 9:10pm at St Jude's hospital in Boca Raton Florida. i fell deep in love with cat valentine in 2011 i was so young no one thought my love for you was serious i grew up loving this amazing vocalist with a beautiful heart and beautiful mined. now you 24 years old oh my gosh these 24 years you've walked this earth slaying everyone in your path. i know every one has a favorite ariana era but honestly i loved them all i loved watching you grow up. it feels like just yesterday the TV was saying "NEW VICTORIOUS EPISODE " anyways i love you even when i'm sad i watch videos of you smiling and talking and it makes me so happy i talk about you all the time and think of you every second. i'm so proud of you for these past years being a success everything you touched became so beautiful and perfect. i love your dimple, your smile, your laugh, your jokes, your beautiful angelic voice. truth be told i wouldn't be here without you you've helped me through everything meeting you was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me it was my best birthday ever.i can't explain how much i love you i'm not joking when i say i love you to the farthest universe and back because i really do you make my life so beautiful and you helped me make some of my bestest friends thank you so much for that. everything i do reminds me of you the only music i listen too is yours. ariana grande you are my idol. you are my moonlight. you are my everything


hi loves! im so excited for ariana's 24th birthday i know its in 2 days but i can't believe she's turning 24 what! shes so beautiful im so proud of every little thing shes done in these past 24 years, its what shaped her to be the wonderful woman she is now shes so stunning and strong and so so so amazing wow i love her so muchh ♡


i love ariana so much wow shes so beautiful inside and out, i really love my idol so much she means so much to me shes so sweet and down to earth shes just amazing ♡


i am still beyond devastated about the Manchester tragedy, it was so heartbreaking and heartless for someone to do that purposely just to harm lives. my mind and soul is with those who have passed, those beautiful innocent lives who didn't deserve any of this ♡. ariana is broken and hurt from the damage this had on the victims and the victims families as anyone should. she donated 1 million dollars to the victims and visited them yesterday at the hospital, brought them sunflowers and teddy bears and her heart of course she even signed one of their crutches ♡ also i am so happy and very excited for the Manchester benefit concert on June 4th, the fans who attended the dangerous woman tour on May 22 get in free the rest pay but the money is donated to the victims, ariana is one of the strongest woman out there i am beyond proud to call her my idol she so so kind and beautiful inside and out i love my little smol bean 💭♡ (i love her so much words cannot explain and the victims are so so strong it's incredible 🥀) #prayformanchester #OneLoveManchester


ariana is so gorgeous i love her 😌💭 how is someone so beautiful without even trying i loveee this picture like c'mon slay queen 😫💛


it's been i month since i seen this gorgeous woman that inspires me everyday it's been one month since i talked to to my idol, my beautiful gorgeous inspiration she means everything to me im am very blessed for the close seats i got and even to talk to the queen herself she is so humble and cares about us so much and she is so sweet i cant believe it's been that long i'm still shook 💭😌 ( yes this is my picture from the concert )


here’s some videos from last night i’m cryyyyinggg ♡




tonight was so extremely amazing i can’t believe i talked Ariana, Brian, Scott and even Toulouse, its so surreal i talked to my strong beautiful inside and out bean woAh it’s really been the best birthday probably ever i’m sososoos extremely happy wow i love her ♡:)


hey babes! the dangerous woman tour going so great ariana is slaying so much and also it's been 2 years since the honeymoon tour i'm so proud of our little smol bean and i'm so excited to see ariana in march i finally figured out what i'm gonna say to her when we talk!! comment "ari" letter by letter to be tagged in my next post i love you!!💜


she's gorgeous ♡


y'all should go vote for ariana (link in bio) she's nominated for a grammy vote as much as you can!! it will be really cool to see her win. also dangerous woman tour is going great i'm so happy for her she's so cute comment "agb" letter by letter to be tagged in my next post ily


I love the way you make me feel, I love it 🌷♡ (theme divider 3/3)


I've been here all night I've been here all day...🚲♡ (theme divider 2/3)


Sweet like candy but he's such a man 🍬♡ (theme divider 1/3)


dangerous woman tour starts soon I'm very excited and proud of Ariana, comment "bby" letter by letter too be tagged in my next post I love you queens! ♡☻ p.s a while ago Daniel liked my comment x2


Hey babes thank you so much for 2k im so thankful I can post pictures of my idol for all 2,000 of you! You guys are the best I can't ask for more comment "ari" letter by letter to be tagged in my next post I love you!♡. #gainpost @arianagrande @frankiejgrande

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Hey babes I hope your day is going great so far!💓I'm so excited for the amas I hope Ariana wins artist of the year! And I'm so happy that Nikki and Ariana will be performing together also I can't wait to see Ari's outfit I hope she snatches me like she always does😂💗 comment "agb" letter by letter to be tagged in my next post!💖 @arianagrande @frankiejgrande


Hey babes sorry I haven't been posting If i ever post it's usually a crazy picture than I delete it im literally never active Im sorry 💗 life has been crazy this week and the week just barely started comment "bae" letter by letter to be tagged in my next post ily! 💓 @arianagrande @frankiejgrande


Hey babes tysm for 1.7k I love y'all sm! So a Account that I have no idea who they are, that I have other account but I don't @onlymyboca is my only account 💓 so if you are told that don't believe it please maybe they just want more followers idk 😐 comment "ily" letter by letter to be tagged in my next post! 💖 @arianagrande @frankiejgrande


Hey babes sorry I'm starting my theme over again it's because I was hacked for a while but I just got it back it's mia again! ily babes comment "agb" letter by letter to be tagged in my next post!☺️💗 @arianagrande @frankiejgrande


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