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Needing a revival after listening to Selena HOEmez's piss poor attempt at singing 💩🤣🤣😂💩

$@¿¡D $#@¡K#

@wateriswetandsoami and you deserve a di** right in your ass.. And the cum should exit from your nose.. I bet if you did you'll get an Oscar. And for you specially designed Oscar a dildo😂😂😂😎😜


Selena HOEmez deserves an Oscar for acting like she could sing live 😂💩😵😵💩💩

Michaela Jacková

@wateriswetandsoami Are you normal? I never thought I'd say that, but ... If you killed something like that, and you know what ?! And I do not understand why you're typing here ?! If you do not care, do not, I do not care, it's your opinion. But I beg you, you do not say these things publicly ... thank you


@wateriswetandsoami excuse me? This is too much. You can hate her but please in privacy, and wishing someone to die of cancer is an inaccurate behavier for intelligent creation like a human.

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