Racquel Smith

Happy Birthday to my baby boy Wynter Chase Smith! My heart breaks to not tuck you in last night and wake up to your beautiful smile. Just know Mommie and Daddy loves you with all of our heart. You tell me every night you will forever protect me but just know Mommie will forever protect you. Daddy is smiling down on you from above and carrying us through this hard journey. See you soon my baby boy! Meme, Papa, Uncle Jeremy @jjoshua084 and @mikieg04 will make sure you enjoy your day. Having to uproot my kids to a different state breaks my heart in pieces. Justice for my kids! Justice for my myself! Justice for William! #mommabear🐻 #myloves #my❤️ #my🌎 #mybabyboyturns8 #noonewillstealourjoy #godhasthefinalsay🙏🏽




Happy Birthday

Flossie Lomax

God bless you and your family.

Georgia Miller📚🏃🏿‍♀️

Happy born day little man🎂🍦


Wynter, Happy Belated Birthday.


Happy Birthday to your baby boy. You have so many beautiful pictures, your kids will treasure them all. Praying for you on the move..being close to family is what you need but still I'm sure it's all painful & bittersweet. Your entire life changed because of some idiot! 😥

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