Last day of 2016 and I scrolled thru every post I posted this year and selected this one as my fav to show my gratitude. I believe in hard work and always being good to people. And somewhere along the way I got lucky enough to be blessed with this crazy platform called fame. Key is to always try and do something good with it.
Fame is a funny thing. I never take it that serious, but also I never take it for granted. We always hear that fame just magnifies who you really are. Well clearly then, I'm a gigantic egomaniac SOB who fishes for compliments, gives bear hugs and kisses all the ladiesssss.
For me, this stuff will always be the best part of fame.. and free stuff.
Luv you guys back and onward to 2017.
#2016 #GratefulMan #PeaceOut✌🏾



Tina Bostick

I loved seeing you with my little cousin Tater! You really blessed him and I along with all my family truly appreciated you taking the time to see him.


It's so beautiful


Luv you brother . You jusr made my day big bro


Hi Dwayne, I'm trying to help out someone who is literally in pain everyday. Please if you can share this gofundme page.

Talia Rodriguez

This made me 😭😭😭God bless you ! So sweet ❤️

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