#HappyHippies, speak out now!!! #protecttranskids #transequality @humanrightscampaign


Sir Nathaniel of Home Depot

Or just give them medicine


Thank you hero :) heart of gold

Garet Eastman

Happy hipi! Ive reached out to you but havent found a way to receive a response. I'm hosting the FIRST EVER pride event in Lake Louise AB Canada at our local (only) bar next week and we will be donating a large portion of our tips and funds funds to your foundation. Id love to have a shout out or even just discuss further on how we can make this a reoccurring event here with your partnership. Please contact me here or at garet.eastman@outlook.com to talk about this further cos this is literally the most rad thing to ever happen to this tiny conaervative mountain town

Attila Demeter

It's exaggarated and bullsh@t. We would have important things to do about.


This is great

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