Miley Cyrus

Honored to narrate this incredible video from @ElizabethTaylorAIDSFoundation highlighting the powerful activism of one of my heroes, @ElizabethTaylor! We are committed to honoring her legacy of speaking out and taking action to change the world especially for people living with HIV/AIDS. #HappyBirthdayElizabeth @happyhippiefdn




This was really touching good job.😊

maddy( :

YESSS LIZ! Fighting the disease that took so many lives and so many talented people from us. Don't worry Freddie. We'll keep on fighting...

Layya Bayya

@meowy_wowy what's ALS insta?

bonita hutchins

Yes!!!! Just yes!!! 👏

kobe spurlock

Gee I wonder why all the gays and people who sleep around have aids. Its time to stop ignoring the problem and actually try to stop stds

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