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Thats Kim she looks really Pell as baby it doesn't look👀 like her kourtey was a cute baby she just look darker for some reason when she was younger

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Hi Kim! I don't have a insta account, that's why I have no profile picture. But this was the only way I could reach you! I have a favor to ask, me and my mom are flying to NYC on Dec. 1st through the 5th. She absolutely adores you! I know you have a busy schedule I'm sure and it's completely understandable if you can't do what I'm asking! But I just wanted to see if maybe we could surprise her with a visit from you! If you let me know soon, or even see this you can private message this account. I can give you all of my information etc. so you can get to know me! Just trying to do something special for my mom, for everything she has done for me!


freed the juice

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