Happy Hippie Foundation

"'It's not a trend. It's just that now it's acceptable to discuss it. It's acceptable to come out now. It was so scary before,' Cyrus tells TIME. The 24-year-old says that going public about her feelings, and providing support to LGBTQ youth through her nonprofit Happy Hippie Foundation, is what she's most proud of in her career. Examples like Cyrus can help young people who feel they are constantly explaining themselves to doubters." -Excerpt from this week's @time cover story about gender featuring our founder @mileycyrus along with @tywrent, @glaad, and other leaders. 🙌👏 #Repost @time ・・・
TIME’s new cover: How a new generation is redefining the meaning of gender. Photograph by Jody Rogac (@jodyrogac) for TIME; animation by @brobeldesign




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