This one's special. Join me TONIGHT at 10pm on CNN. Because of our respect/love for music, our @sevenbucksprods goal was to create a cool and comprehensive and very high quality documentary series that really got in there and provoked our thoughts and examined music's role in our country's most defining times.
Tonight we examine Dr. Martin Luther King & the Civil Rights Movement and the iconic who inspired a generation with their songs. And how a defining movement, also inspired the artists to write their historic anthems.
On a personal note, after all these years, it's an honor to include my all time fav artist, Sam Cooke in something I produced.
#AChangeIsGonnaCome #Soul #CivilRights #Soundtracks 10pm on @cnn TONIGHT.



Chantelle montour

Music 🎶 keeps everything together

Gail G.

@therock Hey Dwayne! I want to say how much I REALLY love the Soundtrack series😊 However, you need to get a new channel to carry the show. I missed last weeks episode because of breaking news. I tried to DVR the show at a later time and still got the breaking news from the original air date. Now I want to watch it again on tonight's episode and once again have breaking news. I'm not saying that the news is not important, I just want to watch the Awesomeness you and Danny created!! Hope you can make a difference. Thanks! AU from Ohio


You are a dick head

Heidi Wade

DJ...will this be broadcast again? If so, when? I missed it and I'm sooooo upset! Transformer blew and the entire neighborhood was without power so I couldn't watch or record. 😩

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