After fans have been waiting for hours to hopefully meet me, naturally my evil sense of humor kicks in and I pretend to drive right by them. After a 12hr work day, I can promise you, that being nice and stopping for fans is (literally) the easiest (and most fun) part of my job. Love y'all back, thank you for waiting all day and thanks for always putting a smile on my big 'ol face. #FanLuv #Grateful




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I'm Chris


Awww I love the fact that he's the same old crazy/funny person you watch on tv. He's not fake, or him doing it because that's how they want him to act on set.

Chittresh Sawhney

❤ best ❤

Dean Van



😂😂😂 @juan13enrique

Dr(a). Sonya Bakhoury

You have a cute laugh. ❤️

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