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Video by @tbfrost and @melissalesh It turns out even baby crocodiles have an itch sometimes! But be careful , if you itch too hard you might take a tumble. The mosquitoes in the swamp where this was filmed were awful, almost as bad as the far north , places like Canada and Alaska and Greenland, and as you can see they bothered the crocodiles too. This baby saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus) is only minutes old, just hatched out of its egg and climbed and clawed its way out of the earthen mound nest its mother made about 90 days earlier. Most saltwater crocodile nests have 40-60 eggs, this one had about that , though only 15 or so ever emerged. And of those 15 it is likely that only 1 will survive to adulthood. The rest will be picked off by birds, snakes, pigs, and even other crocodiles. It is a tough life and northern Australia is a harsh place. In many cases the mother crocodile will guard her nest until the baby crocs hatch. She knows they are ready when they start calling from inside the egg at which point she will help dig them from the nest and even carry them to the water in her mouth. It Is not uncommon for the mother croc to then spend two months with her offspring to protect them. This work was supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society.
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