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Tokyo Nihonbashi Ningyocho

Tokyo, Japan

By @drewtrush // Exploring the crags and climbs of Vedauwoo (pronounced Ve-da-vu), a variation on an arapaho name β€œbito’o’wu” meaning earth born. This outpost of granite has long been a climbers hangout in southeastern Wyoming. Check out @drewtrush to see more images from this part of the world.


Photo by @taylorglenn // The wildlife is definitely closer than it may appear. We just had an absolutely amazing encounter with this wonderful bull elephant here in Etosha National Park. The game viewing here is just extraordinary. Jump over to my feed @taylorglenn to see a series of images from our chance meet up. #namibia #elephant #etoshanationalpark

Etosha National Park

Take the Plunge | Photograph by Greg Lecouer (@greg.lecoeur)
Fishing for mackerel is a competitive sport among gannets. Seen here off the coast of Scotland, the seabirds begin their dives as high as 50 feet above the water. By the time they plunge through the surface, they can be traveling as fast as 60 miles per hour.
Today we are featuring @natgeoyourshot photographs selected for @natgeo β€œPhoto of the Day.” To see more, go to #YourShotPhotographer


On our story: yo-yo champion Thawhir Iqbal (@thawhir) β€” and his friends Ian (@iansorandom) and Marcus (@marcusk0h) β€” show off their skills in Singapore. πŸŒ€ β€œApart from winning competitions, the best part of yo-yoing is to be able to make friends and connections with other people who share the same passion as me worldwide,” says 19-year-old Thawhir, who is a six-time Singapore national champion. β€œI do love to share my passion to non-yo-yo players whenever they ask about it. It makes me happy when I see the amazement on their faces when I showcase to them what modern yo-yoing looks like.”


Photo by @coryrichards: A woman from the Russian Academy of Sciences samples a water column to monitor the diversity of copepods. #FranzJosefLand #conservation #science #ocean


β€œ This is my new puppy willow! She’s a rescue from California. I think she has German shepherd, terrier, and a little lab. So many puppy kisses and lots of snuggling. I can’t wait to take her on more hikes and get her to experience the world with me!” writes @michael.foushee


Souvenir of The Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy

Mont Saint-Michel

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