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Video by #ChasingGenius | In Uganda, 10,000 people die every year from drinking dirty water. After living with a family who constantly became sick from water, engineer Kathy Ku knew she had to come up with a solution. Her one idea changed the lives of thousands – yours could change the world. Submit your breakthrough idea at by July 31st to win $25,000 to further your idea. #ChasingGenius



Peppa Vespa

@_rahmanitari_03 kak mameeh salut sm Kathy. Sebagai Insinyur yg mengamalkan ilmu2nya tuk membantu orang2 yg membutuh. 👍👍💜💜💜

Rose Marie

People like her are people who actually matter in this world. Not "instagram famous people" or famous singers/actors in general.

Manoj Chawla

Great work

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