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Teresa Vandergraff

@romina.cyr Sorry Darn Send button. Gigi later issued a public apology saying she was sorry for the insensitive joke it was taken out of context and she loved Japan and it's people. But that wasn't good enough the people on social media would not let up and demanded things like personal apologize. Now if you look there's account being created to target her making death threats and calling her names.

Teresa Vandergraff

@romina.cyr when they were in Japan for the Victorias secret fashion show gigis sister and friends threw her a birthday party. Some cookies were served at the party and her sister had her cell phone out. Gigi picked up one of the cookies held it up and on the cookie was the Buda figure. Remember it's a cookie not a national monument. Gigi made a face like what was on the cookie. Her sister who was posting on Instagram shared the video. Somehow that was seen as racist. Gigi later issue f a

Teresa Vandergraff

@robin_cem see my comment. But I still don't get these people

Teresa Vandergraff

@mauriejennelle they comment and attack her anywhere she post on everything she says. It's been going on for months now. I first heard about the cookie on the news forget where it's been so long and came here to find all of this. They're now creating accounts to shame her and make death threats. If you click on some of the profiles it's pretty sick. She was making a harmless joke, just like any of us might do but they saw an opportunity and attacked. The same people claiming they were offended and are peaceful have said horrific things non stop, not very peaceful is you ask me. They sure don't sound like victims of anything. And I still do not ubdetunderstand how a cookue and making a face is racist. Seen a lot of racism in my life and I still think it was blown way out of proportion.

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