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We're in love with the shape of @teddysphotos! #VMAs

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We're in love with the shape of @teddysphotos! #VMAs

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$Tất An$

Tại sao có ED mà lại thiếu Taylor huhu


@I admit is just a fucking award @esenglishrose , @e.the.teddy.bear


@ed.the.teddy.bear Yes:)its just that ,im sorry for my childish form of speaking yesterday,OH GOSH UM SHAMED.@edsenglishrose


@ed.the.teddy.bear I agree so much. This girl was so sick and she's only 6 ish!

Edward Christopher Sheeran

@erik_1306_ plus we didn't start the fight. If you want, we, sheerios will finish it. We never put hate on Ariana. BECAUSE SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ISSUE. CAN YOU PLEASE DO THAT TOO? YEAH?? FAIR??

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