Miley Cyrus

Dads hugs are the best hugs! @billyraycyrus @vmas


Dads hugs are the best hugs! @billyraycyrus @vmas



Cyrus family is pure talent!!!!💕 and Miley are the best ❤️ @mileycyrus


Did those 2 ever do a father daughter Duo that anyone knows of ?? That would be rad n it might just brake my Achy Breaky Heart ;) big fan of them both



Arpan Das

@mileycyrus I don't want anything big from, just a wish, so that she could be able to be happy for her whole life time, she had made plans to meet you in future, but it's yet to far, so if you want to make my bstfrnd feel good, just wish her on 5th, her name is rinita neogi, just wish her tagging me plzz

Arpan Das

@mileycyrus I don't know how special is birthdays to you, but to me it's way to important to make my bestfrnd feel the best on her b'day, i know there are millions of followers who are following you and whats you to be in touch with and seriously itz really not possible i know, but i am just giving my best shot to contact you, bcz i believe that my bst frnd is one the biggest fans of yours. i just want her to be happy on her bday so if you being able to notice me, plzz contact me :))


@gretamc86 his daughter, I think she's his wife, if you know what I mean (I N C E S T)

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