As per yoosh with fans, I'll break the ice and talk some shit. Put my truck in park, get out, take pictures, cause a traffic jam, say my goodbyes and head on down the road.
The girl who started singing to me, drove 7hrs to meet me. After we took a pic, I gave her a hug and she started crying and said she'll never forget this moment for the rest of her life. She actually compared it to a story Ive told about when I met Muhammad Ali years ago. Beautiful moment. Thank you @ayatt7 for the words.
Gotta say stuff like this will always be the best part of being famous. And free waffles.
Good to meet you ladies. Waffles on me ~ DJ



Jr muller

Please I'm begging you @therock . I've got plans of helping my mom to get recovered, opening shops, having some motorcycles as day worker so that can help us bringing some income and if possible finishing my studies and at least having the certificates which they might help me later on but I've nothing to make me manage affording them so they just remain as a wish and dream to me. My mom is the only happiness I'm having and I'm the only child that she depends on but I'm having nothing to help and save her😔 I'm down your knees, I'm pleasing you to save my mom and i. We're really having a poor life. Please save us, please change this life I'm having with my mom. I hope the almighty Lord will make a way of you understanding the pain I'm having with my mom and help us. You're the only hope I'm having please @therock

Jr muller

Receive my respect @therock . I'm a very big fan and supporter of you here in East Africa. I'm sorry for commenting this it's just because I'm having alot of problems Champ. I'm only living with my mom, she's not okay because she got an accident so she's just always on bed, can't go to work anymore. My dad divorced her and left us since i was young. We're having problems that we've no other help. The landlord needs us to pay rent which we've not paid it's an year now and he has told us to leave place if we can't pay and we got no other place to go, food is also a problem to us. I even didn't accomplish finishing my studies because my mom couldn't afford paying the fees. And when i ask for jobs i get hard time because they need certificates which shows that I'm done with my studies while I couldn't manage finishing my studies bro. Until this moment and age I'm still sharing one bed with my mom to sleep at night because the place we're living is only one room😢 @therock

Martin Aabel

Satan! Heilt vilt! @robinsalves1


Se den nakken @martin_aabel

change is awsome

U r a trip but funny as h...

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