Update: our new highly anticipated #ProjectRock USDNA @underarmour collection drops this VETERANS DAY honoring our warrior men and women of our US MILITARY.
And yeah if I have to pee while working out I'll do it in a bottle. I'm that kinda guy. Just get the job done. 😉🤙🏾




I bet he uses a 10 L jug

Dan Visser

Hard core training man ! You inspire me i am working hard on my come back from a car reck i was hit by a tractor trailer truck and I would love it if you could give me some tips on bodybuilding .

Hichem Tmx

Hey tooop

☆☆Joshua Alexander Bermudez☆☆

That training shoe looks clean af @therock

Bryce Stoman

Hi the rock how are your pebble friends doing? Get it cause yr massive with muscle then Kevin hart is tiny😏😏😏if u read this just know I am yr biggest fan and I love yr movies

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