Jacob was super nervous and shy the whole time we hung out, so it was fun getting him to laugh and talk. He threw me for an unexpected spin when he showed up on set wearing a shirt that he proudly made with my bull insignia on the front and on the back was the picture of me holding our two puppies, Brutus and Hobbs, after I rescued them from our pool.
Seeing that picture on this boy's shirt, got me in the gut. Eventually, we would lose Brutus to heaven, but it wasn't the picture of Brutus that made me tear up, it was the fact that this 10yr old kid, had a heart big enough to put our puppies on his shirt after he saved his little 2yr old brother's life.
What a special day. What a special kid. Thanks Jacob for being awesome and for being the kind of person we all aspire to be. ~ DJ




Hi the rock


That’s nice


Yo he’s so awkward😬

Linda Kikuchi

I didn't like @therock at first but theb saw him lipsync to "Shake It Off". I also saw how kind he is to his fans. Now I see why everyone loves you. Thank you for being human. Kind. Compassionate.

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