The world has changed so much for the better. And I’m not just talking about vests. Thank you, @Time. #SheIsTheFirst

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Though Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) has been a household name for a long time, she didn’t really come into her own power and understanding of who she is “until probably the last 10 years”, she tells TIME. It has been a rocky road to prime time but she kept doing comedy “out of love” and became the first person to star as an openly gay character on prime-time TV. Watch more inspiring stories from glass-shattering women at TIME.com/firsts. #sheisthefirst




I Love you!

Flakitta Esperanza Salguero

You are a wonderful woman God bless you

Anand Subramanya

Ellen , You have been doing everything you could possibly do to make this world and people happy ... It's time for you to be happy ... It's people's responsibility to make you happy and pay tributes to your hardwork in bringing smiles on the faces of the people . You are much stronger now ....You are so wonderful and I love you so much...


You are someone who makes the world a better place!


I love you I can't watch your show without crying

Tiffany Joseph

Love you Ellen!!!! 💖🙏🏾☺️😍

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