** UPDATE: just heard Matt is starting his chemo TODAY (tues Sept 19th). Stay strong brother. You got this.

Rain ain't stoppin' this lil' ol package of sunshine.

NYC Firefighter, Matt McDevitt, we now inspire each other, but more importantly congrats to you and your wife, Jackie on your new baby boy. There's no role you'll ever play that's greater than "father". I know you got a fight ahead of ya with chemo and radiation so stay strong brother and eventually you gotta take that shirt off dude. Sweat turns to stink.
Thank you for being a fan. Thank you for being a bad ass inspiration.
#FirstResponders #NYCFirefighters #WelcomeBabyJamesMichael 🤙🏾



Duke Douglas

You're a wonderful person...

Ammar Ys

I really like your content. Keep it up!

My Names Not Mal The Bean❎

Dwayne, thank you so much. Matt is my cousin. You don’t know how much this means to our family. Thank you so much oh my god I’m so thankful. ❤️❤️😭 Matt is so happy bc of this thank you 😊

Abdulhamit BALCI

Beni takip et

Majo Mp

Pero que guapo eres .

Kent Romeo

Your the fucking man - keep showing the world those positive vibes

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