Kevin Ebberts

I am SO STOKED to get to work on this project. Thinking about going live for this carve, what do y'all think about that?
Huge thanks to @ebonyandbirch for helping me get past a design issue on this one, which, btw, dude is so close to 1000 followers, let's get him there!

Alexandria, Virginia normal


Kevin Ebberts

@woodwisewv thanks Matt, hoping it comes out!

Kevin Ebberts

Thanks! Really appreciate that!


Bro that's dope!

Briana Coleman

Do it! Go live!!!

Nick and Dana D'Agostino

@kraftedbyengineer Gotcha. Reminds me of Mastercam that we use at work.

Kevin Ebberts

@dagwood_designs it's the toolpath preview in VCarve Pro

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