Jennifer Lopez

Today I stood with @nygovcuomo in aiding the people of Puerto Rico with their recovery from the devastating storms they have endured this hurricane season #unitedforpuertorico🇵🇷 #unidosporpuertorico🇵🇷



María Elena Matos Segura

Lastima pero todavía le falta gracias por el ESFUERZO que ustedes JLO ALEX ESTAN HACIENDO. dios le proveera.

Raquel Gregory

Such a beautiful Island to be devasted like this and be ignored by a hostile President.

Marilyn munroe

My heart breaks to see my beautiful island in pain..we may not have no power but the light still shines on our people and island...and we will RISE

Marilyn munroe

Thank you Gov. Cuomo..God bless

ebrahim amirloo

Ilove you may love

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