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A handful of the swimsuits are here and shipping out! I had to send some back to the manufacturer after doing a quality check because I want them to be the absolute best for you guys! Running a small business is no small feat😅 all pre-orders should be shipped between now and the end of the month. Thank you for all of your patience and support!😘


No clips, ties or clasps keeping these swimsuits together--and that means no worries about having any mishaps while at the pool! Anyone else have horror stories about when their kids untied their halter-top swimsuit?!?🙋🏼


Want to WIN store credit to go towards a pre-order swimsuit? It's going to be easy! Just tag 1 person that doesn't already follow @pennie_swim and tell them why you are here and what you love about the swimsuits!💕Everyone will only get one entry so it'll be fair and your chances of winning are high! Ends tonight @ midnight. READY SET GO!


Never thought I'd be a mom that would want to match with my daughter--but I'm eating all my words!👯.
Swimsuits are 15-20% off on the website for 24 more hours! After PRE-ORDERS are over there will only be 3 prints in stock for the matching mommy + me. So go choose from the 7 options while you can!


This is the swimsuit I get the most emails and DM's about so I knew I had to bring it back for 2018. PRE-ORDER suits are now LIVE on the website (🎉) and discounted! You'll have 3 days to order before they go back to full price and launch in March!


Alright mommas! Swipe to see the 3 tops and high waisted bottoms that will be available for PRE-ORDER tonight @ 8 pm MST.
1. Nursing friendly top. This one is perfect for breastfeeding mommas, but also so cute and flattering for all women.

2. High neck top. This is my favorite full coverage swim top. It's perfect for playing in the water with your littles without worrying about ties coming undone or being exposed😳😂 3. Long sleeved rash guard with zipper detail. This is a more fun/flirty style while still offering full sun protection for long days at the beach or pool.
4. Fully lined high wasted bottoms. I created these especially for mommas🙂 They are full coverage on the bum with adjustable panel on top you can fold down or leave up depending on how high you want them to go.
Let me know what you guys think!💕


Happy Monday! I'm getting so excited about our new Spring Line coming out in March! Swimsuits are still about 4-5 weeks out, but I'm thinking of letting you guys pre-order swimsuits this week to secure the size + print that you want. Let me know what you think!
I'll also be sharing one more sneak peak of a new print on my stories later today, so stay tuned!


She is the 🍏 of my eye! This swimsuit is from the first collection that launched last year, and even though it's too big for her I'm going to keep it for memory's sake!


Sand is so much fun, until you are cleaning it out of every crevasse for a week! While we were in Hawaii last year it took us a few days to "let go" and be ok with our clothes + van being filled with sand after the beach. Anyone else who lives by or goes to the beach often experience this same thing?


The cutest little mermaid in our Aqua Dreams!💜

My friend designed this print for me, and I've been obsessed with it ever since!


Sissies playing in the sand😍 Do you guys have nicknames for your little gals? I think we call Navy "sis" more than her own name. Haha


Raise your hand if you are excited to wear Pennie Swim this summer! I'm definitely craving warm + sunny days☀️