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Os gustaría?

Dog Patch Labs

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I’m taking that 5 shield, but no homo #gay

Dog Patch Labs

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Dog Patch Labs

by @belenciitaa_123

Fue difícil entender que ya no querías, que gran error, haberme entregado tanto, a ti, fui cayendo en cada una de tus crueles mentiras, pero ya no, ya sé que tú no me querías...
Diviértete, emborráchate, eso sí que lo haces bien, tienes tanto que aprender, cómo amar a una mujer, que vas a entender si tú no entiendes nada de nada 🎶🎶

Dog Patch Labs

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The best app

Dog Patch Labs

by @mikeyk

It’s crazy how fast time Instagram is turning 7. Here are a few pictures of me and @kevin in the early days of just trying to keep the site up and running. I couldn't have imagined the impact this community would have on my life. Thank you all for being part of the adventure and helping us to learn and explore through your experiences.

Dog Patch Labs

by @holly_maisy_healy

Me: Haha Maisy how's that LAB report coming ? 😂😂 Maisy: Shut up Emily ! #10/10Doggo #doggybanter

Dog Patch Labs