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One of our favourites from last year is featured on @togetherjournal today- planning and event styling by the inimitable @knotandpop, captured beautifully by @caroweissphoto in the setting of the @secretherbgarden.


“Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion”. This brilliant man. Stephen Hawking, the stars of our universe burn less brightly today.


#currentmood after a day of meetings/interviews. Run out of steam! Beers and noodles here we come. From our series ‘Consummation’ with @gabiesilveira


Today is International Women’s Day. We have always said that the most amazing, rewarding thing about running PYRUS is the incredible individuals we are lucky enough to meet and work with. We can’t list them all here but sending high tens and cyber hugs to all the exceptional strong, creative women we know. You inspire us every day. Image of our collaboration with @gabiesilveira from the series ‘Consummation’.


Another beauty by @caroweissphoto


Last season’s flowers captured by @caroweissphoto


It may be March but the spring equinox is still a couple of weeks away and we’re all about the cosy. @inchyra by @caroweissphoto


Part of the joy of developing a 3 acre walled garden is planning the flowers we will grow. Dahlias are always right at the top of that list. 📷 @caroweissphoto


Spending Sunday in front of the woodburner sifting through image archives- coffee brewing and contemplating breakfast. This image from last year of a beautiful @knotandpop extravaganza 📷 @gabiesilveira #wearetheweddingcollective


Looking forward to seeing these beauties again. Image by @eva_nemeth last spring.


Looking out the window at the thick blanket of snow smothering my city garden while my other business half is snowed in and organising the local farmer to help with an SOS tractor shopping trip! Wondering when (if!) we will see our Spirea blossom again. 📷 @eva_nemeth


We are excited to announce that we will part of the 2018 @boisbuchet summer programme ‘Matters of Fact’. Over the last 25 years Boisbuchet has welcomed international creative professionals to lead educational workshops focused around nature and design at their estate in France. This year we are delighted to be running our own week long workshop in August, ‘Nature, Translated’. More in our stories and link in bio to full workshop details. *This is not a floristry workshop*! It will be an exploration and interpretation of natural materials found in the landscape, posing questions and manipulating botanical material. We can’t wait.