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I’ve been working on a little booklet that shares my vision for family films and photos, and hopefully helps explain why I think they’re the shiz. But I think this photo kinda says it all. I want to have these moments of me and my future babies captured. Don’t you? x

Fremantle, Western Australia

I'm leaving for Japan in less than three weeks (eeee!) so there's been some serious head down bum up for me 👩🏼💻. And aside from the slightly daunting to-do list, I am really really enjoying all I'm doing. I'm close to launching a new website for @merakidesigns_jewellery, I put together testimonials to launch the second round of a brilliant Mastermind (more on that later) and prepped photos from a fabulously beautiful shoot for my first magazine publication🤭. I'm overwhelmed with excitement for new projects on the horizon while thoroughly enjoying what each task is teaching me along the way.
[📷 from a beautiful corner of @merakidesigns_jewellery's house]

Fremantle, Western Australia

Editing…all day, err day. This is certainly the less glamorous side of being a film maker, hours upon hours behind a computer screen, and the reason why when Shane comes home from work I drag him out to walk around town or head to the beach and catch a sunset. So…who’s got a good playlist for me? A new artist I should listen to? I like calming, chill-hop atmospheric kinda music that doesn’t put you to sleep…anyone? K thaaaanks x


And just like that it’s March already and another long weekend is done. We spent last night around the fireplace with friends gazing at the stars…until the moon came out and totally stole the show 🌖. It probably would have been smarter to stay home and clean and work and save on fuel money, but I don’t regret stealing a night away on the beach with my love one bit.

Tim's Thicket, DAWESVILLE, WA

Shane has taken to long afternoon naps and because I work from home all week I find myself a little stir crazy to just be there while he’s sleeping. Sometimes I can potter, but not today. So I took my book with me, got a coffee and began to wander. There’s so much comfort for me in the flow of a town full of people. Little conversations happen, and I spend more time just watching and listening. Maybe it’s my busy mind, but reading a book in a public space is so much easier than in a quiet home. I find it strangely calming. [sneaky iPhone shot from a beautiful busy calm day with @concretestudio_]


You don’t meet people like Sue everyday. She works ridiculously hard, is always up for a laugh and creates these chocolate truffles that are just so darn good there are no words. And tomorrow is the big day!! #YaganSquare opens this Saturday and Sue & Niamh are opening this gorgeous new store for you. It’s my favourite one yet. Go see for yourself and support Perth’s wonderful small businesses ✨

Perth, Western Australia

This pretty picture of mine landed in my inbox this morning from Simone @winterwares along with reminders and tips to slow down, and eat mindfully. ✨“In today’s rush, we all think too much — seek too much — want too much — and forget about the joy of just being.” ~ Eckhart Tolle.✨ Sim explained how eating from just one bowl can benefit your life so significantly. If you’re not signed up for her newsletter yet you’re in luck because she’s been filling her blog with all sorts of goodness, perfect for a Tuesday evening read.

Fremantle, Western Australia

Crisp morning bike rides, soy flat whites and this view to start the morning.

Fremantle, Western Australia

Filming the clouds means taking the time to sit and watch as they cross the sky ☁️☁️☁️ a dreamy way to spend a Sunday arvo ☀️

Kalamunda, Western Australia, Australia

So here’s a pretty fun little thing I made 😄. My sweet friend Sophie has a really lovely biz called We Are True making delicious nut mylk and alkaline water and activated charcoal and all the good things. She’s far too humble about it all, so you’ll have to take my word for it - her mylk is GOOD. Her base is made up of almond, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia Himalayan pink sea salt, so there’s no skimping on taste. Go give her a follow over at @we.are.true and find her mylks and powders at all the good grocery stores around Perth 🥛✨

Fremantle, Western Australia

Isn't she radiant? This is Cristina. She spent the last three months running her first @wallnutstudio Mastermind, think.feel.brand. and finally got to meet the women face-to-face. I spent the morning with Cris and these incredible women, heard their stories and recorded their testimonies of the experience. The next round is opening soon...as soon as I make a film to show you how much you'll benefit from this Mastermind, just like this group of women have.


You might have noticed, I recently moved away from my name, The Refuge Co. and just became @raefallon. To be honest, the name never quite felt right. I took it from another dream business we had, and it just kind of felt like I was always trying to make it fit. My dear friend at By Jingo Copywriting helped me through the process of renaming my business, and pretty soon I realised it was really simple. Rae Fallon. It's me who answers the phone when you call, films your babies and photographs your products. And it's me who wants to get to know you, and know what makes you come alive. [📷 from a beautiful day spent with @merakidesigns_jewellery]

Fremantle, Western Australia